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Hedera And Quant Technical Analysis – HBAR, QNT Price Predictions August 2023

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Hedera And Quant Technical Analysis HBAR, QNT Price Predictions August 2023
Hedera And Quant Technical Analysis HBAR, QNT Price Predictions August 2023

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Crypto trader and analyst Jacob Bury posted a HBAR price prediction for August and the remainder of 2023, alongside a Quant price prediction.

His analysis takes into account various market indicators, historical trends, and potential catalysts that could influence the price trajectories of HBAR and Quant throughout the specified timeframes.

Crypto analyst Jacob Bury’s in-depth predictions for HBAR and Quant prices in 2023

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, traders and enthusiasts are closely observing the price trends of various tokens. This article provides an analysis of the technical aspects and predictions for two notable cryptocurrencies, Hedera (HBAR) and Quant (QNT).

Hedera (HBAR) price prediction

Hedera (HBAR), positioned as the 31st cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has recently undergone a noteworthy price increase that has garnered the attention of both investors and enthusiasts. Over the past 24 hours, the price of Hedera has risen by 0.21%, currently resting at $0.0560.

This upward movement is expected to continue as buying pressure intensifies. Nevertheless, the most captivating aspect for market observers has been its impressive ascent of 4.05% over the course of seven days. These statistics, while significant, merely scratch the surface of the broader narrative surrounding HBAR.

The execution of profit-taking orders from short traders around the $0.0560 mark, where the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is located, has driven this surge. The Hedera (HBAR) price is currently experiencing a bullish trend as it endeavours to recover from a recent downward trajectory.

After a recent downward trend led to profit-taking among long traders, the Hedera (HBAR) price is on an upward trajectory. The dip prompted a 10% decline in HBAR’s value, finding support around the $0.0560 level, where the 100-day EMA is situated. Buy HBAR at

Hedera Price Prediction Graph


This level aligns with the take-profit point for traders who had bet against the altcoin, subsequently driving the ongoing upward momentum due to increased buying pressure. Presently, the Hedera (HBAR) price is in a phase of confrontation with the 50-day EMA at $0.0572, representing a level of supply congestion that will dictate the coin’s next movement.

Should the altcoin achieve a definitive 3-hour candlestick closure above this threshold, it could pave the way for a 5% rally towards the supply zone above. There is a notable eagerness among traders to engage in strong selling within the supply zone.

This is due to the price’s approach to this order block, which is expected to induce a shift in balance towards distribution. On the other hand, if the supply zone doesn’t act as resistance and Hedera’s price breaks through this negative order block, it would become a support level, indicating a positive shift.

Moving higher, the altcoin might achieve a new high in the price range above $0.0638. In contrast, if the momentum of sellers becomes stronger than that of buyers, the price of Hedera could fall, potentially erasing recent gains and touching the 200-day EMA at $0.0545.

In a more serious situation, HBAR might fall below the uptrend line, and a significant move beneath this support level would invalidate the long-standing upward trend. With the Relative Strength Index (RSI) below 50, the overall optimistic view is questioned, indicating less strong momentum.

Similarly, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator in the negative zone creates an environment where bears could take control. In a market where expectations and speculation are the driving forces, the recent price increase for HBAR and the corresponding increase in social engagement have sparked interesting discussions.

As HBAR continues to leave its mark on cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, its future journey remains something to closely monitor.

Quant (QNT) price prediction

Quant currently trades at $101.61 and has a 24-hour volume of $10,526,232. The current market cap for Quant is $1,226,856,790, down 0.05% over the last 24 hours.

There are a total of 12,072,738 QNT coins in the system and a maximum of 14,881,364 in circulation. Like many other cryptocurrencies, QNT’s value has fallen in recent months. While the current low price may be temporary due to increased supply, future hikes are possible. Buy QNT at

Quant price Prediction Graph

Keep an eye on the daily chart above and be alert in case the price falls below a certain threshold. It may be difficult for the price to rise above $110–$120. However, there could be support between $97.20 and $88.10. The price is higher than the 7 and 14-day moving averages, so technically, things could be improving.

Those looking to make a purchase might want to take advantage of this. The 7 Exponential Moving Average may serve as a floor, preventing a further price decline. The price may bounce back to the 7 EMA if the primary support level fails.

The relative strength index (RSI) is currently at 49.82, putting it in neutral territory between extremes. The RSI may go above 70 if the price holds its support and begins to rise again. In light of this data, QNT may be able to bounce back from its current support level and return to its prior resistance level of $113.10.

But if prices drop further, buyers may want to be careful near $97.20, where the 7 EMA is sitting. A stop-loss order can be used to limit losses and preserve profits. Maintain a keen eye on the QNT market.

The long-term outlook for Quant’s pricing implies an increase. If buyers are successful in taking out the 200-day EMA, though, the price should surge. According to the technical analysis, the negative potential for the QNT crypto price is restricted as it is close to the demand zone.

Alternative choices beyond Hedera (HBAR) and Quant (QNT)

Introducing the alternative tokens LPX and XRP20, both in presale and each forging unique paths within the cryptocurrency sphere. Look deeply into their potential influence on the dynamic crypto landscape and remember to refer to our guide for the best low market cap crypto to purchase.

XRP20 (XRP20)

The XRP20 project, building upon the foundation of the original Ripple XRP token, seeks to emulate the success of Ripple while enhancing its features and yearly returns. The total number of tokens is 100 billion, however, only 40% are available during the presale.

This demonstrates transparency while also lowering any possible risks. The XRP20 project has achieved significant momentum during its presale, amassing approximately $2.3 million of its $3,680,000 target. XRP20 distinguishes itself through unique features like token burning and staking for financial gains.

With its current price at $0.000092, XRP20 presents an extraordinary potential for returns, up to 6,629 times if it were to reach the value of XRP. This stands in contrast to XRP’s historical growth of 137,000%, which is significantly greater than its all-time low by a factor of 30.

Unlike XRP, XRP20 has a progressive plan to reduce its token supply by 10% and employs a 0.1% burn mechanism for transactions. This scarcity-focused approach adds to XRP20’s appeal. While not directly associated with Ripple Labs or XRP, it caters to both dedicated XRP Army members and newcomers to the cryptocurrency scene.

Leveraging the advantages of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, XRP20 offers an attractive alternative to Ripple’s centralized nature. Stay updated on the latest developments by following their Twitter and Telegram channels. Take part in the XRP20 presale at

Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

The Launchpad XYZ LPX token presale has made a huge splash in the field of cryptocurrencies, exceeding the mark of $1.2 million and attracting attention across the industry as a whole. This developing project features a cryptocurrency presale library, a metaverse hub, and a quick DEX, and it aspires to become the most prominent Web3 platform.

The Launchpad Quotient, a feature that ranks assets based on 400 different data points, is a standout component of this product. The increasing size of the Telegram community is a reflection of the app’s growing popularity.

The chance to participate in a presale is extended to those who are interested in purchasing LPX tokens before they are listed on an exchange. Through the use of the Launchpad XYZ presale platform, users have access to detailed instructions for a variety of payment options, including credit cards, ETH, BNB, and USDT.

Launchpad XYZ is prepared for market volatility and is strategically positioned to capitalise on the chances presented by the optimistic sentiment surrounding cryptocurrencies in 2023. To take part in the presale visit


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