GDA Capital Receives $350 Million Mandate From LehmanBush

Global Digital Assets, otherwise known as GDA Capital, has approved a $350 million mandate from LehmanBush, a China-based consulting firm, for it to advise on blockchain-related topics. GDA Capital has brought on some blockchain-related firms and more, so this advisory support should ensure they’re taking the right steps with them.

On top of this, Alpha Sigma Capital is a co-advisor and co-sponsor on the matter. They will help with the mandate.

LehmanBush has a history in the advisory department, often assisting Chinese startups and richer individuals with their investments, the release notes.

Speaking on the matter is Michael Gord, the co-founder and CEO of GDA Assets, who had said:

“An institutional-investor backed injection of capital into the blockchain industry comes at an opportune time. It demonstrates a willingness for more traditional private equity firms to participate in digital assets and signals a larger wave of adoption.”