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FUN Volume Tops $60 Million In A Day. Too Late To Buy?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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FUN Token has experienced a remarkable surge in trading volume, surpassing $63 million in a single day. With such a significant increase in market activity, many may wonder if it is too late to enter the market and invest in FUN Token.

In this article, we will explore the implications of the high trading volume and discuss whether it is still a favorable time to buy FUN Token.

FUN Token: Revolutionizing Gaming with Transparency and Utility

FUN Token is revolutionizing the gaming community as the top cryptocurrency gaming platform. It offers a transparent, fair, and versatile funding mechanism for various gaming opportunities.

The utility and versatility of the FUN Token and the XFUN Wallet attract gaming operators, developers, and individuals worldwide.

With a decentralized and transparent platform protected by cryptography, FUN Token provides secure and gas-free transactions.

The XFUN Wallet facilitates fast and secure registration, KYC, and seamless deposits and withdrawals. Holding FUN Token provides players with benefits. These include cashback, free rewards, interest on savings, and a secure and non-custodial wallet.

By using XFUN tokens and the XFUN Wallet, players have control over their funds. They can also enjoy a fair and seamless gaming experience. FUN Token’s ecosystem empowers users, offers fast and secure transactions, and operates with transparency.

It aims to build an inclusive, transparent, and provably fair iGaming economy with a global reach across 100+ countries, helping businesses access new markets and crypto-related revenue streams.

Increasing Trading Volume Positively Impacts FUN Token Value

The trading volume for the FUN/USDT pair has been on the rise, which is playing a crucial role in boosting the value of the FUN token. On, the 24-hour trading volume for FUN/USDT has reached an impressive 76M, indicating a notable increase in market activity.

FUN?USDT Token Price
Source: TradingView

Furthermore, the FUN token ranks top on the Hottest Search list and #4 on the Daily Gainers list on

Meanwhile, the trading volume of the FUN/USDT token within the 24-hour timeframe on CoinMarketCap has witnessed significant gains, showing a remarkable increase of 9990% to over 63M. The pair is gaining traction in different crypto exchanges with significant gains, as it has secured rank 3 on the daily gainers’ list on IXFI, a generation 3.0 Exchange.


FUN Token CoinMarketCap
Source: CoinMarketCap

A rising FUN token trading volume indicates a heightened market demand, suggesting that more investors are actively buying and selling FUN. This increased interest can result in greater price volatility, so traders must remain cautious while investing.

FUN Price Analysis

TradingView: FUN/USDT 1-Day Chart

The daily chat of FUN/USDT has recently demonstrated a significant bullish rally after a cup and handle pattern breakout. This popular technical analysis pattern typically indicates a bullish trend continuation after a consolidation phase. Upon completing the cup and handle pattern, the FUN cryptocurrency experienced substantial gains of over +117%.

However, it is important to note that the token has retraced some of its recent gains, with a decrease of approximately 34% from its peak. Despite this pullback, FUN is still trading at a remarkable 83% above yesterday’s lowest value. This indicates a robust upward movement in the market, suggesting that the bullish momentum remains intact.

Presently, the FUN token is encountering initial resistance at the level of 0.006221. A break above this resistance level and a closing price above it would reinforce the ongoing bullish momentum.

Such a breakthrough would signal further upward potential for the cryptocurrency, potentially leading to additional price appreciation.

On the other hand, the support level for FUN can be found at 0.004737. This support level represents a price point at which buying pressure has historically outweighed selling pressure, preventing the price from declining further.

In the event of a downturn, this support level is expected to provide a cushion for the cryptocurrency, potentially leading to a rebound in prices.

Some traders might think it is too late to buy FUN token now as a significant rally has passed. For such traders, there is another coin that has similar growth potential.

Promising Alternative To FUN

DeeLance is at the forefront of the evolving freelance industry, connecting freelancers and recruiters like never before. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, DeeLance offers a decentralized hiring platform that revolutionizes the way employers and talent collaborate.

With blockchain integration, DeeLance ensures transparency, security, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. It provides a unique and immersive experience for users in the Metaverse, where virtual meetings, interactive exhibitions, and networking events take place.

This breaks down geographical barriers, enabling global collaboration and shaping the future of remote work and global business.

DeeLance empowers freelancers by providing a new level of control and ownership over their creative output. Through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), freelancers can tokenize their unique work, proving ownership and enabling royalties for future use or sale.

NFTs also verify credentials and reputation, establishing trust and transparency for all parties involved. This adds value and security to freelancers and clients alike.

Investing in DeeLance’s utility token, $DLANCE unlocks the platform’s full potential. The token powers the ecosystem, enabling transactions in the NFT marketplace and the Metaverse. $DLANCE holders also enjoy incentives such as discounts, NFT whitelists, and early access to new features. As the DeeLance ecosystem grows, the demand for $DLANCE is expected to increase, potentially leading to price appreciation.

The $DLANCE Presale: Early Investors Eyeing Lucrative Profits

The platform has secured funding of about $1,472 295 in its Stage 5 of Presale. As the $DLANCE presale progresses, the token’s value is currently trading at $0.043, set to increase to $0.048 in the next stage. This presents an enticing opportunity for early investors to potentially earn significant profits, as the token’s value is projected to reach $0.057 upon its exchange listing.

Adding to the excitement, DeeLance hosted the DeeLance Leadership Competition, offering a generous prize pool of $500,000 DLANCE tokens. The competition, which began on June 27 and runs until July 14, rewards the top five wallets with the highest $DLANCE token holdings.

To participate in the DeeLance presale, interested individuals can visit the official presale website, connect their crypto wallet, and exchange $DLANCE tokens for ETH, BNB, or fiat currency using their bank card. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the presale and potentially benefit from the anticipated growth of $DLANCE.

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