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Fujitsu files a trademark application to offer crypto brokerage services

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Fujitsu files a trademark application to offer crypto brokerage services
Fujitsu files a trademark application to offer crypto brokerage services

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Fujitsu, one of the biggest tech giants in Japan, has recently revealed its intention to get into crypto trading and potentially even offer crypto brokerage services. The revelation came from the trademark application that the company recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apart from offering brokerage services for digital assets, Fujitsu apparently intends to offer other financial facilities, some of which involve cryptocurrencies, while others might not.

The company filed its trademark application with the intention to register a new mark consisting of the stylized word FUJITSU, which also features a sideways S-shaped swirl placed above the letters J and I.

Fujitsu to offer crypto trading services

The document was actually filed on March 16th, and the new branding is dedicated to offering a variety of financial services. Fujitsu intends to start accepting deposits, engage in financial management, offer loans, and even launch a crypto exchange business. Fujitsu plans to update the logo and use it for these new services.

So far, Fujitsu has been showing a growing interest in cryptocurrency and Web3 technologies. This became quite apparent after the company released its Web3 acceleration platform last month. The platform intends to help startups and partner firms in their attempts to create diverse ecosystems of WEb3 applications.

The firm is open to projects with all kinds of use cases, including digital content rights management, contracts, business transactions, various processes, and alike.

Earlier this year, Japan’s financial regulators insisted that global regulators have to introduce stricter rules for the cryptocurrency industry.

Meanwhile, Mamoru Yanase, the deputy director general at Financial Services Agency’s Strategy Development and Management Bureau, said that the problem does not lie with digital currencies.

“What’s brought about the latest scandal isn’t crypto technology itself, but loose governance, lax internal controls, and the absence of regulation and supervision.”

Another major tech firm turns to crypto

Overall, Fujitsu’s move to delve deeper into crypto was received well by many. After all, Fujitsu is far from being the only one to make such a move. Companies have been increasingly filing trademark applications with the intention to introduce and offer a wide range of crypto products and services, including Metaverse, NFTs, and more.

Some of the biggest examples of other firms and groups that are deep into crypto these days include Fidelity Investments, Formula One, Facebook/Meta, Visa, PayPal, Ford, HSBC, Western Union, and even that only scratches the surface. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have already proven that they can offer many opportunities to earn and make profits, but also to revolutionize systems and replace outdated technologies.

Japan, in particular, has been one of the crypto-friendliest countries but also one of the strictest when it comes to rules and regulations, which are still seriously lacking in the West.


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