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French Programmer Donates $500K In Crypto To Far-Right Groups Before Suicide

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The US Political space has grown into a very interesting, very turbulent one indeed. To pile on the massive amounts of intrigues of US politics, it seems that a computer programmer from France opted to transfer over $500,000 in Bitcoin to various Far-Right activists prior to his death, which occurred a month ago.

French Citizen Sending US Political Groups Money

In said Frenchman’s suicide note, he revealed a few key matters of note: The most notable is that the man was chronically ill, but still wanted to leave his wealth not to his friends and family, but to certain causes and peoples. These entities, according to the programmer, had suffered unprecedented violations within their civil liberties, citing the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic as the cause of these violations.

It wasn’t long before the crypto investigation firm, Chainalysis, started to track these major transactions. The firm concluded that the majority of the transaction’s funding, spread across 22 transactions and 18 wallets, was sent to one Nick Fuentes. Fuentes stands as an internet influencer of the far-right spectrum.

Supporting The US Capitol Storming

It should be noted that Fuentes stands as one of the members that took part in the storming of the Capitol Hill in Washington DC, but promptly denies these allegations when asked.

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The Frenchman in question stands as one Laurent Bachelier, going by the surname of “pankkake.” Bachelier stands as a French computer programmer hosting a personal blog, as well.

A Sad End For The Entire Event

As it stands, the transactions themselves were done by way of being sent to an intermediary wallet that started its activity back in 2013. This, Chainalysis speculated, showed that the man was a relatively older adopter in Bitcoin (BTC), meaning that his crypto holdings had seen an incredible amount of growth since its initial purchase.

In a very grim way to end it all, Bachelier had opted to send his suicide note to his personal blog, which was simply titled “End Note,” where he said his grim farewells to the world at large.

In the end, it was this man’s money, and this man, in his dying wish, did what he thought was best with it. There are many questions involved in this case, the most prominent being how a Frenchman managed to get into the chaotic dumpster fire that is US politics, but suicide was a very disappointing end to this man’s life.

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