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Food companies obtain trademarks to venture into the metaverse

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Several food companies are starting to show interest in the web3 sector. These companies have filed trademark applications targeting the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Food companies show interest in the metaverse

Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney, has revealed that some of the largest food brands are interested in the metaverse. Kondoudis shared a tweet showing that Kraft Foods Groups had filed a trademark application on October 12 for its hot dog-shaped Weinermobile.

The filing has also shown the brand’s plans to pursue various areas within the web3 space, including digital tokens, NFTs, NFT marketplaces, virtual goods, drinks, and restaurants.

The trademark application has suggested that Kraft Foods Group has plans to run a virtual restaurant. The food company will also feature virtual goods for home deliveries with the real and virtual worlds.

Kraft Foods Groups is not the only fast food brand interested in the buzzing metaverse space. On October 6, In-N-Out Burger, one of the largest food brand and fast food chains, filed a trademark application planning to run an online retail store that would also sell some virtual items.

Some of the virtual items that the In-N-Out Burger food brand is planning to sell include food, beverages, and merchandise linked with the brand. These items will be used within the online virtual worlds.

In the trademark application, In-N-Out Burger planned to offer a temporary way for people can use software that allows users to access and own virtual goods and several crypto-based assets.

The plans of the retail food brand within the metaverse include the “temporary use of online non-downloadable software for users to access, transmit, exchange and establish ownership of virtual goods, blockchain tokens, non-fungible tokens, digital media, digital files, and digital assets in the field of food, beverages, restaurants, and merchandise.”

More food brands file metaverse trademark applications

On October 10, a report by Mike Kondoudis also revealed that Del Monte Foods, another leading food brand, would also venture into the metaverse. The brand has already filed eight trademark applications to achieve this purpose.

Del Monte Foods’ trademark applications are for brands such as “Del Monte” and The Del Monte Shield.” The food company also has plans to create NFTs, support media backed by NFTs, and create online virtual marketplaces, stores, virtual restaurants, foods, and drinks.

Del Monte’s trademark application has also revealed that the company plans to expand into the web3 software sector. The application has also said that the brand is planning to launch software that will be used to support digital currency, digital asset collectibles, tokens, digital files, sound recordings, images, virtual objects, virtual products, and services.

The rise in trademark applications by traditional companies has not only been focused on food brands. In September last year, a report revealed that several trademark applications filed in the US had been linked to NFTs, cryptocurrency, web3, and the metaverse. These applications have increased significantly over the past year.


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