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Flutter Entertainment’s Bold Leap to the New York Stock Exchange

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Flutter Entertainment, the umbrella company for Paddy Power, has received an impressive endorsement from its shareholders, with a staggering 98% voting in favor of transferring its primary stock exchange listing to New York. This decision was announced at the company’s annual general meeting and marks a significant transition for the gambling behemoth. The company anticipates completing this move by the end of May, marking a notable shift from London’s financial market.

The move to the United States has been described by Flutter’s chief executive, Peter Jackson, as a strategic realignment towards the company’s “natural home.” This statement comes on the heels of recognizing that over half of Flutter’s shareholders are based in the US, which solidifies the logic behind this strategic shift. The relocation also mirrors a broader trend among multinational corporations who are increasingly opting for US exchanges, drawn by higher valuations and liquidity found on Wall Street. The growing dominance of the US market, especially with the success of subsidiaries like FanDuel, has played a critical role in this decision.

We continue to execute against our strategy and remain on track for our additional listing on the NYSE on the 29th of January – a pivotal moment for Flutter, which will give us access to the world’s deepest, most liquid capital markets. We are incredibly optimistic about the year ahead – with our Flutter Edge allowing our brands to harness our global scale while winning in their local markets.

This trend isn’t just about better market conditions in the US. London’s diminishing role as an international financial hub is further exemplified by Flutter’s departure. This follows similar moves by companies like Tui and CRH, which have shifted away due to various global economic shifts, thereby challenging London’s capacity to hold onto major corporate entities.

Growth in the U.S. Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry in the US has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade, propelled by legislative changes and technological advancements. It is projected to grow at an annual rate of 12% between 2024 and 2030

The pivotal moment came in 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, paving the way for states to legalize sports betting. Since then, a significant number of states have moved swiftly to open their markets, resulting in a surge in legal sports betting. This expansion is complemented by the rise of mobile and internet gaming platforms, which have made gambling more accessible to the American public. Companies like DraftKings, FanDuel, and MGM Resorts have been at the forefront, capturing substantial market shares through user-friendly apps that offer a variety of betting options across sports and casino games.

Flutter’s increasing focus on the US is propelled by the explosive growth of FanDuel, especially following the legalization of sports betting in 2018. FanDuel itself has experienced a monumental rise, marking a 45.9% increase in sports betting revenue during fiscal year 2023 within the US. This surge has helped FanDuel to cement its status as a leading player in the American market, despite fierce competition from rivals like DraftKings. The brand’s ability to draw in 3.7 million new players last year highlights its strong market presence and effective launch strategies across various states.

Despite the enormous potential, competition remains very fierce, with new entrants like ESPN BETlooking to disrupt the status quo and secure a market share.

Flutter Prospects

Despite the geographical shift of its primary listing, Jackson made it clear that Ireland remains a core part of Flutter’s identity, given its origins and historical significance. However, the move away from the FTSE 100 Index signifies a profound transformation in Flutter’s corporate strategy and its adaptation to the evolving global market landscape.

Mega Dice’s ICO Excites Crypto Market with $DICE Token Launch

Recently, the well-known crypto casino Mega Dice kicked off an ICO, rapidly attracting significant interest by amassing over $500,000 from its new token, $DICE. The enthusiasm for $DICE is palpable as crypto enthusiasts and investors are quickly securing their tokens in anticipation of potential price increases. This presale is part of Mega Dice’s strategic plan to establish itself as a dominant GameFi platform on the Solana blockchain. Currently, each $DICE token is offered at a price of $0.069 and can be bought using cryptocurrencies like SOL, ETH, or BNB. The casino has set the total supply of $DICE tokens at 420,000,000, with 147 million (or 35%) allocated for the presale phase. Additionally, 15% of the tokens are set aside for airdrops to engage and reward the casino’s user base, another 15% dedicated to liquidity pools, and the same amount to the casino’s own $DICE pool.

Moreover, Mega Dice plans to utilize 10% of the total token supply for staking rewards, which promises additional earnings for token holders. The remaining 10% is split between affiliate incentives and marketing activities, including collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), each receiving an equal 5% share. The presale’s rapid momentum and Mega Dice’s strategic offerings underscore the potential high yield from early investments in $DICE, with projections suggesting possible returns ranging from 100x to 150x. This potential is amplified by Mega Dice’s status as the world’s first licensed casino on the messaging platform Telegram, which could significantly expand its user base and boost $DICE’s market value in the near future.

You follow Mega Dice’s latest updates and announcements via Mega Dice’s official Twitter.

The buzz around Mega Dice’s $DICE token isn’t just about its initial fundraising success. The casino has captivated the market with its substantial $2.25 million airdrop campaign, spread across three distinct “Seasons.” In the first season, active players who hit a wagering threshold of $5,000 within 21 days are eligible to share a $750,000 pool, calculated based on the anticipated market value of $DICE at launch. The excitement continues in Seasons 2 and 3, which offer an additional $1.5 million for those who maintain their betting activities from the presale phase through to when $DICE is officially listed on exchanges. This rewards model essentially encourages continuous engagement on Mega Dice’s platform, promising significant returns for consistent players. Beyond the airdrops, token holders who participate in staking are eligible for daily dividends from the casino’s profits, further enhancing the attractiveness of holding $DICE.

Mega Dice is also offering exclusive benefits for its high-stake players and VIPs, including limited edition NFTs and a lucrative 25% referral commission structure. These initiatives illustrate why investor excitement for the $DICE token presale is soaring. For prospective buyers interested in understanding the potential long-term value of $DICE and how to participate in the ongoing presale, Mega Dice offers a comprehensive guide and price predictions, solidifying its ambition to revolutionize the GambleFi sector and setting a robust foundation for its future in the competitive crypto gambling market.

For further details on the $DICE token and how to get involved in the presale, visit Mega Dice’s official site.

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