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Fight Out’s Move-to-Earn Crypto Project Is Riding High, Raises $4.4 Million in Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Revolutionary Move-to-Earn project Fight Out is moving towards its presale target at a bullish pace and has raised upwards of $4.4 million. Only a few hours remain before the presale price increases.

Fight Out is a redefining fitness app for the Web 3 space by providing all the modules fitness enthusiasts need to transform into being “fighting fit”.

The move-to-earn project has roped in industry-leading fitness influencers and combat athletes to promote the project and inspire people to live healthy lifestyles.

The presale end date and the listing price have already been set – leaving little time for those who want to become early movers. If you are one of them, visit and participate in the presale today.

Fight Out – Redefining Fitness in Web 3 Space

Move-to-Earn projects have not been able to penetrate the fitness space as they could. And the problem lies in the lack of innovation.

Projects like Stepn, with their step-counting-focused approach, rode the initial wave of interest but failed to keep people interested for long and are now trading at 90% lower prices than their all-time highs.

Fight Out aims to change that with its “fighting fit” approach.

This fitness application within the Web 3 space comes with a host of training modules – and doesn’t require a lot of initial investment to get in.

These training modules contain everything from standard weight training and bodyweight exercise to high-octane HIIT training, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and more. And at the heart of these exercises lie fitness challenges that reward people for training hard and going through great physical transformation.

And unlike standard fitness apps that could be finessed by owning the most crypto – Fight Out has a simpler and stricter approach, “If you want to earn, you got to train for it”. This aspect flows into the project’s roadmap, which includes real-life Fight Out gyms.

Fight Out Gyms – One-of-a-Kind Web 3 Gyms With More Value

Fight Out’s impact goes beyond fitness app; it is also releasing real-life Web 3 gyms soon. These Fight Out gyms will have the best training machines and scanners so that truly those who are grinding it out exercising get rewards.

Fight Out gym will feature trainers, a co-working space, a health bar, and more features that poise Fight Out to be a project with major potential upsides in the long term.

FGHT Token – Your Key into The Web 3 Gym and the Metaverse

Fight Out is an M2E platform that aims to bridge the gap between a real-life and the virtual world. Upon downloading the app and creating your account, you will be gifted with a free Soulbound Avatar.

That avatar will be your identity within the Fight Out metaverse, where the project’s earning mechanics and other features will come into play. As you level up your fitness in real life, your avatar will evolve to earn more within the virtual world.

Helping in that effort is $FGHT and REPS. $FGHT is the native cryptocurrency that powers the platform, and REPS is the in-app currency.

You will earn REPS as you complete fitness challenges or contribute to the Fight Out community in a plausible manner. This off-chain currency will be your key to buying upgrades for your Avatar – upgrades that will allow you to level up your virtual self within the metaverse so that you can earn more through the M2E mechanics.

$FGHT is the utility crypto that you can buy REPS with or use within the metaverse. You can use $FGHT tokens to access special game modes or put in peer-to-peer wagers on high-profile contests.

The best utility of the FGHT token, however, comes in the form of “stake for membership” rewards. Staking a certain number of FGHT tokens will reward you with Gym memberships, Health Centre Discounts, Free Merchandise, Co-Working Space Access, Third-Party Services, 1-on-1 training, Access to Exclusive events, and more.

Invest in Presale to Get Access to Purchase Bonuses

Not only are you getting the early-mover advantage when you buy FGHT tokens, but you will also get access to purchase bonuses of up to 67%.

Accessing the purchase bonus will depend on how long you are willing to vest your bought tokens and how many tokens you are willing to purchase.

Bonus starts when you buy at least $500 worth of FGHT tokens, where you get a 10% bonus. The highest bonus you can get is 25% which you can get if you buy at least $50,000 worth of FGHT.

CEX Listing and Presale End Date Announced

You can catch a glimpse of the confidence that developers have in this project from the fact that they have already decided on the listing date and the presale’s end date.

The presale ends on March 31st, and the first CEX listing will happen on April 5th, and the listing price is set at 0.033 USDT.

Fight Out token’s current price is $0.02343. So, going to the official website and investing in this project now will surely bring you almost 50% gains on the listing date.

Professional Combat Athletes As Ambassadors to Inspire People to Stay Fit

The listing pump won’t be the only thing that will fuel this project’s growth. High-level combat athletes such as Amanda Ribas, Savannah Marshall, and Taila Santos have joined up as brand ambassadors.

Tremayne Dortch is another well-known name in the fitness industry to have joined as the ambassador of these projects.

As an early mover, you will get to follow in their footsteps and train with them to get yourself “fighting fit”.

How to Invest in Fight Out

A complete focus on creating the best fitness space in Web 3 by leaning into providing a holistic training module – Fight Out is doing everything right to become the next big crypto of 2023.

So, it would be a mistake to miss out on this project. Follow these steps to buy Fight Out tokens and get ready to reap the benefits of this project’s potential upsides.

  1. Visit the official Fight Out website.
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Swap ETH or USDT for FGHT tokens

If you are a fiat user, you can also invest in FGHT by buying ETH with a card using Transak.

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