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Fight Out Presale Must End Today, Lists in 5 Days – $6m Raised, Last Chance to Buy With 67% Bonus

Fight Out presale ends
Fight Out presale ends

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Fight Out (FGHT), one of the most advertised new cryptocurrency tokens, is ending its presale today after raising nearly $6 million in its presale. This is your last chance to buy FGHT with a 67% bonus. Getting in on the project’s ground floor could land you life-changing investment returns as an investor.

Fight Out Dynamics: Soulbound Avatar

Fight Out meets users where combat sports and gaming collide. It is at the leading edge of that innovation, using a unique mix of real and virtual worlds to distinguish itself from other projects in the industry.

The play-to-earn (P2E) game is based on the soulbound avatar of individual users, allowing them to earn rewards for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Users get rewards for training and other activities within and outside the smartphone app. You can also bet on events across the expanse of the Fight Out ecosystem.

Notably, the Soulbound avatars are not tradeable and only link real-world activity to the community and virtual world accessed in the app.

Train With Elite Athletes

Fight Out delivers many benefits to users, starting with a free membership. This lets you access the unique metaverse fight world presented in the app. Moreover, stakers get their accounts pre-funded with FGHT tokens.

Furthermore, by buying the tokens in the presale, you get early access to the benefits of the project’s rewards and experiences. These include Masterclass-style app content with elite athlete project ambassadors.

British boxing star Savannah Marshall is among Fight Out’s elite ambassadors. She fought Claressa Shields in the most-watched women’s boxing match ever. Other elite ambassadors include UFC pair Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, ranked top 10 in their weight class. American Ninja Warrior NBC star and online training guru Tremayne Dortch is also on the team.

Fight Out Makes It Easy To Train, Compete, Earn, And Bet

Competing and earning rewards are at the core of the Fight Out ecosystem. There is also a betting element that covers in-app and wider fight world events and activities. Participants who do not want to attend the events can opt to play against friends within their private leaderboard competition.

Alternatively, you can join a massive multiplayer by entering pool events with others like you. Moreover, if you do not win in the competitions, you still benefit from the games train-to-earn model. This means you earn just for participating.

The project has invented a new approach to training and gaming, linking gaming outcomes to what you do outside the game.

Set Up Fantasy Fights To Compete With Friends

Cognizant that betting on sports events is a huge industry now, Fight Out has the first-mover advantage. It has introduced the concept to the gaming and training spheres. The project lets users develop their own bouts and open shops as a bookie.

The project is taking a focal position as the go-to place for betting on the outcome of challenges of all kinds. It uses avatars linked to actual players. To put this in perspective, there could be a virtual fight between Jake Paul ad Tommy Fury. Such an event would be big and easily pass as the rematch of the century. Alternatively, the fight could be between ordinary members of the Fight Out community- whatever you want!

Data feeds get updated in real-time to determine the performance of individual fantasy fighters.

Analysts Bullish About Fight Out, Don’t Miss Out

Analysts are bullish about Fight Out, highlighting that it is the best crypto to buy now. Check out this review by Marco Haravan.

With popular YouTube accounts predicting FGHT will perform well upon listing on exchanges next week, the window is closing fast. This may be the best time to invest in this project while prices are still at presale and fixed levels. The project has garnered much support, evidenced by the Twitter community’s strong interest. It boasts up to 103,000 Twitter followers and counting.

Fight Out listing: Last Day To Get FREE Coins With Fight Out’s 67% Token Bonus

The FGHT token will go live on Wednesday, April 5th, listing on seven exchanges. These are, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.

Buyers have a few hours left to acquire the FGHT token at the low price of $0.0333. There is no time to lose as the end of the presale approaches, and trading begins.

You should also take advantage of the extra 67% bonus on your purchase amount, limited to those who invest big and stake for the long term. Moreover, the bonus offer is only available in the presale, so hurry. By vesting your token holdings and maxing out your investment, presale investors get extra tokens (67%) of the amount purchased.

Sidelined investors can take advantage of the bonus program that will end when the presale completion whistle blows. The project is giving away free money; you should not miss out on this!

To access this state-of-the-art offering, you must buy at least $50,000 worth of FGHT tokens and hold them for at least three years. Anyone who invested and took advantage of the previous bonus program design is liable for an additional 10% token distribution.

Nevertheless, if you do not wish to lock up your tokens, then consider buying without any vesting period. This will earn you 100% of your tokens before FGHT goes live on exchanges.

Invest In Fight Out, The Hottest Smartphone App In 2023

Fight Out is the only P2E gaming platform that uses a real-world dynamic. This is huge, especially now that there is a steady inflow of investment funds into the Web3 sector.

Besides competing in games, users can interact and socialize with the rest of the Fight Out fantasy gaming ecosystem community.

With the community growing, FGHT is a must-have utility and the go-to place to stay connected, compete and bet.

The Fight Out ecosystem is designed to incentivize training by leveraging a friendly but committed community competition and betting.

Do not miss the opportunity to be an investor in what could be one of the hottest apps of 2023. Buy FGHT today, train hard, fight easy, and win big!

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