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FalconX Raises $17 Million for Better Institutional Services

New Report Claims Institutional Investors Are Driving Latest BTC Bull Run
New Report Claims Institutional Investors Are Driving Latest BTC Bull Run

FalconX, a platform providing institutional trading solutions, just brought in $17 million in a new funding round from investors such as Accel, Avon Ventures, Flybridge Capital, and more, according to a blog post from the group.

This funding will be used for new services and ensure that FalconX can scale for higher institutional demand.

“FalconX is building the connective tissue, with seamless price discovery, trade execution, and value transfer” necessary for digital assets, the post notes.

The platform is ideal for B2B cross border payments, ensuring users can trade their larger sums on their respective network without issue. FalconX claims to be the platform that can solve this liquidity issue.

Speaking on the matter is Brad Koeppen, the HEad of Trading and Business Development at CMT Digital, who says:

“FalconX allows us to operate a more productive trading desk by solving for some of the major inefficiencies in the crypto markets. I have been extremely impressed with FalconX’s relentless focus on delivering value-added solutions and superior customer service.”

Recently, as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on, Black Manta and Finoa partnered to provide institutional level security tokens in an attempt to bring more high-paying customers into the market.

Some believe security tokens are the future of cryptocurrency, like the Overstock CEO.

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