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Ethiopia Teams up with Cardano to Deploy Country’s Largest Blockchain

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The Ethiopian government has employed the services of IOHK, a software development company. This partnership is in a bid to launch the largest blockchain deployment.

It is being reported that the Ethiopian government is seeking to partner with Cardano’s creator to launch the largest blockchain network in the country. This launch will be the most significant move for the country towards blockchain adoption. However, it has been expected, given that many countries are looking into blockchain to enhance various systems.

Blockchain enhancing the education system

Cardano’s creator is expected to create a national blockchain solution to enhance student-teacher identification systems. According to the Ethiopian government, the project’s initial phase will involve over five million students in the country.

This partnership has been praised by both the Ethiopian government and the IOHK. The education minister in the country, Getahun Mekuria, stated that implementing blockchain in the education system would make it more dynamic. It will also increase access to higher education and employment opportunities.

The Director of Africa Operations for IOHK also commented on the development, noting that transforming the education system through blockchain is a significant milestone for the company. It will align with IOHK’s mission of offering solutions to the economy, employment, social and financial sectors to countries that have not fully advanced digitally.

Supporting digital verification

Another report has also shown that the Ethiopian government is also looking into ways to use blockchain in higher education institutions to verify degrees. This capability will also be done on Cardano’s blockchain.

Verifying degrees on the blockchain will also enhance the employment process. Employees will validate the credibility of academic credentials on applicants directly from the blockchain.

It will not be the last time that Ethiopia will be using blockchain to enhance various processes. The report also shows that Ethiopia is also looking into other ways to implement Atala products from IOHK. One of the products that the government is planning to use is the PRISM platform to automate document processing.

IOHK has also revealed that plans are underway to deploy a blockchain-based solution for the transport sector. This solution will be launched in Addis Ababa, to create a digital ticketing system.

The African continent has been slow in the adoption of blockchain. However, the move by Ethiopia shows that the continent could be ready for blockchain. O’Connor also argued that the deployment of blockchain in Ethiopia would create a spark that will ignite blockchain adoption across the African continent.

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