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Etherscan Enhances Ethereum Blockchain Exploration with Advanced Filters

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Etherscan has introduced an update called “Advanced Filter,” allowing users to explore the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and activity differently. 

Etherscan Simplifies On-Chain Data Reading with New Feature

Users can now refine their blockchain searches by using clear standards according to the Etherscan Twitter account. The update lets users explore various transactions in a single view by sifting based on transaction type, function name, duration, amounts, assets, and from/to addresses. 

Etherscan provided an example of actively exploring transfers and internal transactions associated with Multichain router version 6 over seven days. The Advanced Filter element allows users to save their filter searches for future reference. 


In recent years, analytics firms and tools such as,,, and have gained popularity within the crypto community by providing onchain understanding. Several users and on-chain investigators have praised Etherscan for launching the new Advanced Filter tool.


“One Ethereum follower wrote, ‘Etherscan just nuked a few analytics companies with the advanced filter.'” Etherscan clarified that the new release is in beta and has some limitations. These include the display of “poor reputation tokens” and “ignore list tokens,” as well as the inability to hide failed transactions. Additionally, the “From and To addresses are only joined by the OR operator.”

According to a blog post by Etherscan, the team believes that the new filter tool will benefit the community. The post explains that by refining search results based on specific criteria, users can concentrate on transactions, addresses, and activities most relevant to their research, monitoring, or investigative needs. The blog post further delves into each provided filter and shows a few examples of how they function.

Filtering Transaction Types with Etherscan’s Advanced Feature

To filter the transaction type using Etherscan’s new feature, follow these steps:

  • Begin by selecting “All” to include all transaction types.
  • Next, focus on transactions where an Externally Owned Address (EOA) or wallet address sends ETH directly to other addresses.
  • Then, consider “Internal Txs,” resulting from smart contract logic triggered by regular transactions.
  • Direct your attention to “ERC-20” transactions involving transactions related to ERC-20 tokens.
  • Finally, explore “ERC-721” transactions, which involve transactions related to non-fungible ERC-721 tokens (NFTs).

Additionally, the new filter feature includes the following transaction types:

  • “ERC-1155” encompasses transactions involving semi-fungible ERC-1155 tokens (SFTs).
  • “Deposit” narrows down transactions involving the deposit of ETH into the Beacon Chain Contract for Ethereum validation purposes.
  • “Withdrawal” covers transactions related to the withdrawal of ETH from the Beacon Chain. This can include automatic reward withdrawals or exiting as a validator.

Analyzing DeFi Exploits Using Etherscan’s Advanced Filter

Analyzing DeFi exploits can be complex, often involving multiple addresses and requiring a comprehensive understanding of the incident. In the past, this process involved opening multiple Etherscan tabs to piece together the puzzle.

Fortunately, Etherscan’s Advanced Filter tool allows community members to streamline their analysis by consolidating findings across multiple filter fields, enabling a clearer view of the exploit.

Consider the case of the Euler exploit, which took place in March 2023. Since this hack involved a flash loan and multiple tokens, it was crucial to focus on key transactions. This can be achieved by using the Advanced Filter to include ordinary transactions (txs), ERC-20 token, and internal transactions.

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