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“Ethereum” Searches On Google Reach New All-Time High

Ethereum Miners Now Receive Majority of Their Revenue from Transaction Fees
Ethereum Miners Now Receive Majority of Their Revenue from Transaction Fees

The new bull market is generating a lot of buzz, and it seems that it can be seen even with the sheer volume of google searches. In particular, Ethereum has gained the most out of this, with the asset seeing its newest all-time high in Google searches for “Ethereum.”

More People Searching for “Ethereum” Than Ever Before

As shown by Google Trends, “Ethereum” google search numbers have reached an all-time high, which has virtually eclipsed the previous ATH achieved during the last ETH bull run, which was back in January of 2018. Unsurprisingly, this was the time when one of the world’s most significant altcoins reached its all-time high in price, measuring in at $1,432.88 apiece.

Historically speaking, the Google Analytics interest score is considered a type of “folk metric,” typically used to gauge the sentiments of a particular project or coin, positive or otherwise.

Now, Ethereum achieving a new all-time high in searches isn’t that surprising, considering the currency is trading at $1,200 apiece and is testing its previous ATH. Still, Bitcoin isn’t that fortunate, relatively speaking. Crunching the numbers, only 65% of the world’s first cryptocurrency’s search numbers are being achieved, with its peak happening on the 23rd of December, 2017.

Potential For An Autonomous Bull Run

That being said, this doesn’t mean there are few people searching for “Bitcoin.” Indeed, for every one search for “Ethereum,” there are more or less five other searches done for “Bitcoin.” It seems that Bitcoin will stay top dog for the indefinite future

Now, there’s an interesting potential dynamic that can occur thanks to this massive uprising in popularity in crypto search terms: There’s the odd chance it could create a self-driving bull run. Simply put, the more curious investors search for, and purchase,c crypto, the higher the price goes, which ultimately attracts more investors and more searches, becoming a lucrative self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some Interesting Details

Google Data further provides info regarding the interests of Ethereum by the region. As it stands now, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Nigeria, Slovenia, and China boast some of the highest interest in the search term “Ethereum.”

As for various other search terms within the crypto space when compared to their respective all-time-highs, the term “DeFi” has become quite popular, achieving 90% of its previous ATH. As for the less-fortunate cryptocurrencies out there, it seems that Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash drew the short straws, with the cryptocurrencies achieving only 14% and 9% of their respective all-time high interest metrics.

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