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Ethereum-Based Chiliz Adds Spain’s Esports Team Heretics To Roster

As it stands now, Chiliz holds a very ambitious plan for the future, trying to sign up more than fifty teams, brands, and organizations to its fan token platform, The plan is to do so by the end of 2020, and today marks one step closer to this plan. Chiliz has now incorporated the popular esports club, Team Heretics, into its roster.

Joining Alongside OG

Team Heretics stands as the second esports group that has signed up for Chiliz. The previous esports team being OG, which they partnered with back in March. As it stands now, the $TH fan token will be offered within on the 25th of August, 2020, with token holders gaining certain perks in the process.

The $TH Fan Token, based on Ethereum, will have its holders be capable of participating within official polls made within The first of such polls will be launched at the same time as the tokens, and will allow the token holders to vote on which Fortnite players should be captain in a team deathmatch battle within the game. As an added bonus, this team will pick six holders of $TH to join in on the matches, as well.

Features Increasing As Time Goes On

Further polls within the site will allow fans to have a degree of control regarding the future decisions of Team Heretics, with further opportunities to have interactive experiences with the team itself, as well. Alongside this, further features will be added in the future for these token holders.

Pablo Canosa stands as the Commercial Director for Team Heretics, and made a press release about the matter. He described how important it is for Team Heretics to give its fans as much involvement as possible within the organization. As such, fans will now have a real voice, thanks to, Canaso stated, with a chance to vote on important matters of the team itself. He stated that fans are also capable of gaining exclusive experiences and rewards thanks to these tokens, as well.

Terms and Conditions Apply

At it stands now, a global sale of 125,000 $TH Fan Tokens will be offered to the public at large, selling for €2 apiece. Furthermore, 35,000 of these tokens will be sold at, with the remainder 90,000 being sold at For this Fan Token offering, fans will be limited to purchasing 50 tokens each, which is €100 in total. This sale will run from the 25th of August to the 27th of August. Afterwards, the price of the $TH Fan Token will be determined through supply and demand. In total , 5 million in $TH Fan Tokens will be minted.

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