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Emerging Web3 Hub for DeFi, Trading, Metaverse & P2E Gaming, Launchpad XYZ Tokens Presale Hits New Milestone

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The new revolutionary crypto project that aims at building an all-in-one Web3 home, Launchpad XYZ, has just reached a huge milestone in the ongoing presale of its token. 

Despite being a new project, the presale campaign is running successfully and gaining popularity quickly.

The project’s native token, $LPX, just entered the second presale stage, raising over $480K a few weeks after launching. As a result, the $LPX token price has now increased from $0.035 to $0.0445.

By the third presale stage, the tokens price will increase to $0.046 by 3.3%. As such, interested investors should quickly secure as many tokens as they can before the tokens’ bargain price increases.

The Project’s Developmental Plan Depicts Its Promising Outlook

As the name implies, Launchpad XYZ aims at developing an all-in-one hub for everything relating to trading, Web3, DeFi, metaverse, and even play-to-earn crypto gaming. 

According to their Whitepaper, Launchpad XYZ aims at simplifying the intimidating and fractured world of Web3 for new and existing users. 

In other words, the project will make everything about Web3 easily accessible and user-friendly.

Furthermore, the project plans to develop a sophisticated, organized platform that would provide easy access to ideal projects in the blockchain, allowing users to self-custody every asset they own.

Also, Launchpad XYZ will create an unbiased space via play-to-earn games and NFTs to provide users with matchless Web3 experiences.

Regarding its presale, the Launchpad XYZ tokens will run nine stages, out of which stage one is already completed. 

Each stage will come with a price increase until the listing price of $0.0565. By quarter three (Q3) of 2023, the tokens will hit Launchpad’s Decentralized Exchange.

By then, early investors will be entitled to paper gains of up to 27% following the Initial Coin Offerings of the tokens.

Launchpad XYZ – The Next Big Trading Terminal for DeFi

As an all-in-one web3 home, Launchpad XYZ has numerous features to provide users access to NFTs, Utility Tokens, Metaverse Library, Web3 Wallet, Decentralized Exchange, Trading Terminal, and many more. 

With its trading terminal, the platform provides all the tools users need to analyze trading and NFT investments, fractionalized assets, and upcoming web3 Presales.

Crypto enthusiasts are now keen on Launchpad XYZ, which claims to provide all the necessary tools to help users find the upcoming 100x Web3 assets.

Launchpad XYZ also announces to provide analysis of new crypto projects in presale in its ecosystem to help investors make guided decisions. 

This will strengthen security, reduce losses, and make decisions much more streamlined for investors.

Besides its ultimate trading terminal, Launchpad XYZ provides an educational system to help newbies get an edge in the web3 sector.

According to Launchpad’s website, its “Alpha” section provides new users with useful information to help them learn what it takes to generate revenue from Web3.

Also, the website will provide a “market-leading alpha” newsletter known as Trading Edge that will target more experienced investors and traders. 

They can easily sign up with their personal information on Launchpad XYZ’s website.

Besides Metaverse and Web3 Gaming, Launchpad XYZ is Utility-Infused

Launchpad XYZ provides its users will an immersive web3 gaming hub and metaverse library. 

This unlocks a whole new metaverse experience for them while enjoying numerous play-to-earn web3 games on the platform.

Also, users will have access to instantly self-custody their crypto assets with the help of Launchpad’s web3 wallet.

Notably, Launchpad XYZ intends to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 for firms, to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

 As such, it’ll give them access to powerful immutable contracts and accurate data. 

$LPX Tokens Utility is Superb

The $LPX tokens power all activities and transactions on Launchpad XYZ. Also, when users stake up to 10,000 tokens, they unlock numerous benefits and features on the platform, including discounts on fees, access to presales, NFT mints, etc.

The higher the amount of LPX tokens held on the platform, the more benefits are unlocked. Also, staking and holding tokens would reduce selling pressure when they hit major exchanges. As such, $LPX will maintain a high value, upholding short and long-term bullish trades in the market.

So far, the $LPX tokens presale has performed better than many crypto projects. As such major crypto analysis and new websites like Business 2 Community and now rank the project amongst their hottest crypto presales of the year.

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