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Electric Vehicle Charging Payments Go Crypto with This Innovative New Startup – The Next Big Thing? (CCHG)

C+Charge Top NFT project
C+Charge Top NFT project

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Electric vehicles are the leading innovations in the eco-friendly energy sector. They’ve been recording massive sales and increasing popularity over the years. Today, the infrastructure of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can’t provide adequate services to all EVs in use.

With more EVs projected to come, there’s a need to properly develop the EV charging and payments infrastructure for sustained growth and widespread adoption. Currently, there’s no uniformity in the payment gateways and established standards for billing users across various charging stations.

C+Charge has come up with a blockchain-supported solution to tackle these real-world challenges and bring a revolution to the EV industry. It rewards EV drivers with utility tokens and carbon credits. Unlike some cryptos or meme coins, C+Charge gives users active utility tokens usable in the real world.

This solution will result in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and less use of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

What Makes C+Charge Outstanding?

C+Charge is an innovative P2P (peer-to-peer) payment system operated on a blockchain platform for EV charging stations. It aims to be the first EV charging solution to incentivize drivers with carbon credits for using the C+Charge platform. These rewards will not only be for EV manufacturers and charging station owners but also EV drivers.

By compensating electric vehicle drivers, C+Charge would encourage more drivers to migrate to electric vehicles (EV) while maintaining an eco-friendly environment. As such, there will be a decrease in carbon dioxide pollution and improved air quality.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) and security audit of the token smart contract by Coinsniper and SolidProof guarantees no major vulnerabilities in the project. C+Charge’s native token is CCGH, and it uses SHA-256 to hash-encrypt all token transactions.

C+Charge partners with various established firms in the EV sector, including Flowcarbon, CLS Global, Chain labs, Crypto Economy 360, Viva Capital Management, Crypto Kid Finance, Brave Mobility, and DTC Group. Its collaboration with Flowcarbon enables users to earn verified, free carbon credit – $GNT.

C+Charge’s team is working with the top charging equipment manufacturer – Phihong, for charging supplies to establish the project.

How Does C+Charge Works

C+Charge allocates electronic wallets to every individual on the network, which can be accessed via the platform’s mobile app. The electronic wallet is where all transactions will be performed, including paying to charge EVs and redeeming rewards.

C+Charge rewards EV drivers in two forms: carbon credits and CCHG – the platform’s native token. These rewards will increase when users participate in ecological communities and activities.

Each time EV drivers pay for a charge with tokens, token burning occurs, meaning that the tokens will go out of circulation. This will enable a consistent stream of demand in the network. As more charging stations emerge, token burning on the network will rise. This new feature of C+Charge’s tokenomics will provide support and proffer 0% transaction tax.

Out of the total C+Charge token supply of 1 billion, 15% will go to the Ecosystem fund and 10% to the community for Giveaways, Airdrop, and Staking. The listing and exchange will have 8%, and the project partner will have 7.5%. Founders/Team, Private Sale, and Environment/Charity will have 5% each. The remaining 40% will go to Public Sale (IDO), 2.5% to Advisors, and 2% to Angel Sale.

Advantages of Using C+Charge

The crypto-fueled electricity attribute of C+Charge is one of the advantages of using the network. C+Charge provides transparent and standardized pricing for EV drivers, which means there are no hidden fees, surprise charges, or pricing uncertainty. The ability of this blockchain-based network to provide comprehensive transparency leaves its users with an enhanced customer/user experience.

EV drivers will receive more carbon credits for charging and driving their electric vehicles using the network and CCHG. 

C+Charge has introduced a new way of allowing token holders to save carbon credits, known as a “Reflection” program. It dedicates 1% of transactions to carbon credit purchases and distributes them to the token holders respectively. This innovation will help democratize the carbon credits space.

C+Charge will be compatible with OCPP 2.0 (Open Charge Point Protocol). This will allow the network to adopt the universal standard of charging stations globally, making C+Charge integrable into more than 1.8 million charging stations across the globe. 

Besides offering EV drivers incentives, C+Charge will ensure an eco-friendlier ecosystem.

C+Charge Development Plans

The main objective of this crypto project is to become the leading blockchain-powered solution to real-world issues in the electric vehicle industry. It aims to bridge the gap in EV charging and payment infrastructure development.

C+Charge will set a standard for billing users and ensure uniformity in the payment channels used across various charging stations. The network intends to equalize the distribution of carbon credit rewards among EV manufacturers, charging station owners, and EV drivers.

Also, for Web3 technology, real-world use cases like smart contract development will allow users to save information in blockchain technology securely. It would facilitate swift transactions and transparency.

The C+Charge app will be able to track the accumulated carbon credits of EV drivers, the latest pricing information for charging stations, the nearest charging stations, and the technical diagnosis of the stations.

C+Charge’s Presale End Draws Near

C+Charge commenced the public offer of its token, CCHG, on December 25, 2022, and has reached its 6th stage. C+Charge has raised over $2.7 million since its presale announcement, proving it to be one of the most sustainable move-to-earn crypto projects. The first CEX launch for the token goes live on March 31, 2023.

Every week, the price of this token changes. C+Charge (CCHG) token price is currently at $0.019 and will increase by 23.6% to $0.0235 in its final presale stage. Therefore, early investors can take advantage now before the final stage. 

C+Charge CCHG token will list first on BitMart Exchange at $0.0235. Early investors will see their holding at a premium value of 80% after the presale and before BitMart starts trading the token.

You can buy tokens with ETH or BNB with a crypto wallet. However, you can use the card option to buy tokens as well. 

How to Buy C+Charge CCHG Token

The project team for C+Charge has streamlined the purchasing process of the network’s token. Early investors can buy tokens via different platforms, including personal computers, laptops, and iOS or Android devices. 

How to Buy

  • Set up your crypto wallet. You can use MetaMask or any preferred crypto wallet.
  • Choose USDT, BNB, or ETH, and select your payment account.
  • Visit the C+Charge presale domain and connect your wallet (MetaMask or Wallet Connect).
  • Hit the “Convert” button to buy CCHG tokens. 
  • Claim your tokens on C+Charge’s official website after the Token Generation Event (TGE). 
  • Note: If you have an insufficient USDT balance, convert your BTC to USDT to purchase CCHG. Alternatively, you can choose the BNB with card option to top up your BNB balance before you can buy CCHG.

Bottom line

C+Charge promises to promote EVs while incentivizing drivers to contribute to reducing carbon emissions to help maintain a healthier ecosystem. It’s a groundbreaking platform for many in the electric vehicle industry and a new crypto project for investors. Its roadmap, developmental plans, and tokenomics show that the project is promising.

You can join the C+Charge token presale to make the most of the affordable price, as it would spike after the final presale. Navigate to C+Charge’s official site to learn more about this crypto project.

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