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Crypto’s Most ESG-Friendly Project C+Charge Secures March 31st BitMart CEX Listings – Raises $2.45m But $CCHG Token is Selling Fast

ESG-Friendly Project C+Charge
ESG-Friendly Project C+Charge

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained some traction recently and are advocated to be a better alternative to the traditional vehicle market. Driving an electric vehicle doesn’t create any emissions and can contribute to an environmentally conscious initiative.

Owing to this, the last decade has seen a huge rise in EV adoption. Nearly 10% of the total global car sales are electric, and the number increased to 6.6 million in 2021 from just 120,000 a decade back.

It is, however, a long road for electric vehicles to become the standard, and a lot of improvements need to be made for that to happen. There are a lot of issues with the current EV infrastructure that prevents wide-scale adoption of the technology, thus limiting its potential.

C+Charge has successfully identified these issues and created a platform that makes the experience of owning and operating an EV absolutely effortless.

C+Charge Introduces Carbon Credits To EVs

Among other things, Carbon Credits have been the USP for C+Charge. Carbon credits are essentially permits that allow individuals to emit a certain amount of greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide into the environment. Naturally, the more carbon credits one has, the more emissions one can create.

The problem arises when these credits are misused, by big businesses and organizations who prefer to hold these credits for themselves. And oftentimes use it as a pass for the massive emissions from their operations.

C+Charge changes this by democratizing the use of carbon credits. Every time a user makes use of CCHG tokens, the native token of the platform, to pay for charging their electric vehicle, they receive carbon credits in return.

Carbon credits have an expanding market of their own, where these credits can be traded. As more and more people find the merit in becoming a part of this market, they will switch to EVs and encourage others to do so.

Plus, users can sell their carbon credits and use those proceeds to pay for charging their vehicles. This effectively reduces the price of charging a vehicle, and at the same time helps a car owner contribute their share towards saving the environment.

EV Drivers Get Rewarded With Carbon Credits By Using CCHG

Due to the large availability of service providers, it’s difficult for an EV owner to stick with one payment method, as they keep on changing with every charging station. Plus, keeping a track of all these stations, the payment method they accept and the incentives they offer can be quite daunting.

C+Charge aims to establish uniformity in the EV charging space by offering a single method of payment for chagrin electric vehicles. Every time a user charges their vehicle at C+Charge’s charging station, they pay with CCHG and receive carbon credits in return.

This makes it super convenient for a user to pay for their charging, without having to switch between multiple payment methods. Plus, they get rewarded for doing so in the form of carbon credits, which can be sold in the carbon credits market or retired.

Every user will be assigned a digital wallet that can be used to make a payment. Users can simply add CCHG tokens to their wallets by purchasing them on a crypto exchange and using it to pay forward for any transactions.

Developers of the project are currently working on establishing partnerships with charging station providers, so they could provide real-time information to a user via the C+Charge mobile app. The project has already partnered with Perfect Solutions Turkey, where the company will be assigning 20% of its existing charging stations to C+Charge.

C+Charge Provides A Stop Solution For All EV Needs

The C+Charge is the only platform a user will need if they own an electric vehicle. To start with, users will be able to maintain a record of all the charging payments they’ve made with CCHG tokens, and the carbon credits they’ve received in return.

Users can also get a diagnosis of their car at a charging station associated with C+Charge and have the reports sent directly to their mobile device. The app will also inform users about the wait times and the price of charging at charging stations across the world.

In addition to this, users can also track charging stations across the globe with the help of C+Charge’s mobile app. They can also create a map of stations to set up charging points on a long trip, as well as reserve a spot for charging with the help of the app.

CCHG Tokens Power C+Charge Ecosystem

CCHG token is the native utility token of the C+Charge ecosystem and is one of the hottest presale tokens right now. The token will be used to pay for charging EVs across charging stations, and for any transactions on the C+Charge mobile app.

The token is deflationary, which means every time a user makes a transaction, a part of the transaction amount is burnt. This ensures that the token supply will contract over time, inflating its price and demand.

C+Charge is currently hosting a presale on its official website, where CCGH tokens are available to purchase for 0.018 USDT. The project has raised over $2.45 million so far and is about to complete stage five of its presale.

Once the presale is completed, CCHG will list CEXs as of March 31st, 2023. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the C+Charge dashboard to buy CCGH tokens the earliest before the exchange listings.

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