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Don’t Just Recycle, Earn Crypto While You Do It with This New Crypto – Here’s How it Works (Ecoterra)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Ecoterra is a unique platform aiming to recycle waste to protect the environment while rewarding users on its ecosystem with crypto. The recycling app gives values to each recyclable item depending on its environmental impact. Therefore, users can earn tokens for their recycling efforts.

The tokens earned for activities such as staking, eco-activities, and personal investment. This platform offers users a Carbon Offset Marketplace where they can buy carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions.

ECOTERRA is the native token of the platform and is used to purchase carbon credits. Also, when users attain certain milestones in offsetting carbon credits, their achievements are converted to NFTs to mark their environmental contributions.

Ecoterra Presale

The ECOTERRA presale is currently ongoing, with each token worth $0.004. so far in this round, $58,908 has been raised out of the targeted $800k. The next presale round will usher in a price increase, with each token value reaching $0.00475. The listing price is $0.01, which will reward early investors.


Phase Token Price Percentage % Amount of Tokens USD Value Total Raised (Target)
Stage 1  $0.004000 20.00 200,000,000 $800,000.00 $800,000
Stage 2  $0.004750 10.00 100,000,000 $475,000.00 $1,275,000
Stage 3  $0.005500 10.00 100,000,000 $550,000.00 $1,825,000
Stage 4  $0.006250 10.00 100,000,000 $625,000.00 $2,450,000
Stage 5  $0.007000 10.00 100,000,000 $700,000.00 $3,150,000
Stage 6  $0.007750 10.00 100,000,000 $775,000.00 $3,925,000
Stage 7  $0.008500 10.00 100,000,000 $850,000.00 $4,775,000
Stage 8  $0.009250 10.00 100,000,000 $925,000.00 $5,700,000
Stage 9  $0.010000 10.00 100,000,000 $1,000,000.00 $6,700,000
Total Presale 100% 1,000,000,000 $6,700,000


The Drive For A Cleaner Environment

Data from the Global Carbon Project shows that global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions peaked at 36.8 billion tons in 2019. This represents a drastic increase of 62% from the figures obtained in 1990. 

The impact of carbon emission is severe all across the globe, with activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels negatively impacting the environment and depleting the ozone layer.

World leaders and environmentalists are racing to save the planet from the present environmental threats. Ecoterra is the right platform to lead this charge to promote recycling activities to reward users with cryptocurrencies.

The Ecoterra’s Earning Framework

Ecoterra’s Recycle-to-Earn model is easily accessible on the all-in-one app. The presales launched in March 2023 to enable early investors to earn rewards when it eventually lists. The network is hinged on four distinct pillars: the Recycle-to-Earn application, carbon offset marketplace, recycled materials marketplace, and the impact trackable profile.

  1. Recycle-to-Earn application: Users can earn tokens on the platform by recycling items scanned with the app. Each of these items is valued by the amount of Ecoterra tokens that can be staked and spent on several eco-friendly activities such as tree planting and beach cleaning events.

Also, using the app for green energy activities will earn users Ecoterra tokens as rewards. The platform tracks climate actions and adds to a user’s profile to record achievements and receive NFTs.

  1. Carbon Offset Marketplace Pillar: Carbon offset is a budding industry that employs Web3 and blockchain technology to reduce carbon emissions. The Ecoterra carbon offset marketplace serves individuals and companies in their quest to offset carbon through selected projects while earning tokens. Each ton of carbon offset is marked as an achievement on an individual or company profile. These achievements are used to mint NFTs when the individual attains a certain target. These targets are eco-friendly activities such as planting 100 trees or cleaning several beaches.
  1. Recycled Materials marketplace: The Ecoterra community is essential to its existence and the success of its vision. The vision is centered on a cleaner environment. As the ecosystem expands, companies will have access to various recycled materials such as plastics and glass.
  2. Impact Trackable Profile Pillar: Big industry players have joined the train to scale back the effects of their activities on the environment. For instance, Microsoft recently began to counter the effect of its activities on the environment.

The company recently entered a deal with a conservative company that traps and stores carbon dioxide underground. These efforts will reduce the carbon footprint while maintaining profitability. 

Companies joining this initiative can enjoy several benefits, such as increased visibility, display of eco-friendly strides on their impact profile, and a wider reach. The impact profile is accessible using a hyperlink or QR code.

Also, the Ecoterra waste management app is another innovative tool. The app is compatible with Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) used worldwide. To mitigate the costs of setting up these RVMs, Ecoterra has partnered with Delhaize (Lion), a large grocery franchise in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Additionally, Ecoterra is in partnership with VERA, a company that specializes in disbursing authentic carbon credits. This partnership will enable users to receive carbon credits through the app.

Ecoterra is fully audited and has a standard Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure for verification and security. Also, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered database helps users on the platform.


Ecoterra seeks to create a clean environment by supporting recycling and environmentally friendly activities where users can earn rewards. The vision is to maintain a clean environment and eliminate land, air, and sea pollution due to activities of man, such as mining and oil spillage.

Waste management techniques are crucial to the survival of human and animal life and even the preservation of plant life. Brands such as Microsoft have embraced this carbon emission reduction system while maintaining profitability.

Users can earn ECOTERRA as a reward for participating in eco-friendly activities such as tree planting, beach cleaning, and recycling. The ECOTERRA token is currently in its first presale stage, with each token worth $0.004 and a price increase set for the next round.

Ecoterra is a relevant project as most governments and corporations worldwide seek to reduce their environmental carbon footprint. Additionally, users of the platform can mint NFTs to mark milestones after a successful carbon offset campaign. Early investors are at an advantage as the token had its listing price set at $0.01.

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