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Donald Trump Wades Into The World of NFT

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

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Former United States President Donald Trump just announced his own NFT collection, which he named Collect Trump Cards. According to the project’s official website, there will be 45,000 NFTs in total, each of which costs $99. Apart from the NFTs themselves, investors could win a number of exclusive things, including dinner with the former US President.

Trump even recorded a commercial for the new campaign, which has already started circling crypto Twitter.

The first Presidential NFT collection hits the shelves

The ad, which plays like one of the commercials from the ‘90s, promises that each NFT will come with unique artwork designed by illustrator Clark Mitchell. Furthermore, by purchasing any of the NFTs, users could win additional things, as mentioned.

Trump mentioned things such as a dinner with him, meeting face-to-face, doing Zoom calls, allowing the user and their friends to spend a day in one of his luxurious golf courses, signing memorabilia, and more.

The former US President noted that the cards are just like baseball cards, apart from the fact that they are collected digitally on phones and computers. All that is needed in order to get one of them is an email and a credit card. Users can purchase as many cards as they wish.

The collection is already sold out, according to the website, but this might not be the only opportunity for the fans of the former President to purchase his digital products, as Trump made sure to stress that this is the “first” collection that he will launch.

Trump launches NFTs only three years after saying he doesn’t like crypto

Interestingly, the former president seems to have had a change of heart regarding cryptocurrencies and other blockchain products. Previously, he has been openly against digital assets.

As many might remember, in July 2019, Trump posted several tweets stating that he is not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptos and why. According to him, cryptocurrencies are not money, and their value is “highly volatile and based on thin air.”

Many others remembered this Tweet in the wake of the new NFT ad campaign launch, going back to it and pointing out how things have changed in the last three and a half years.

Of course, Trump is not the only one who changed his mind about crypto during and after the years of COVID-19. Back in 2020, many major names in the investment industry who were previously crypto-skeptics changed their minds, even announcing that they were dropping other assets and putting everything in crypto and gold.

2022 brought another shift in the industry, with the second crypto winter in the last four years. Like the last one, this one has also been around for over a year now, and it still shows no sign of stopping.

As for Trump’s NFT campaign, some believe that he is “late to the party,” while others think that this is a perfect time to launch NFTs, expecting that the market might turn around after the holiday season. The fact is that the collection was sold off fairly quickly, so whether or not the former US President is late with his collection — the fact is that it has been an absolute success.


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