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Dogecoin down 6% Despite Wallet Scam – Is Tamadoge Safer Meme Coin?

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Are Memecoins Dying
Are Memecoins Dying

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The meme coin hype has faded this year, with top meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu reporting a significant plunge from their all-time highs amid the ongoing bear market. However, the popularity of meme coins has set a strong foundation for new projects with solid roadmaps to be set up.

Dogecoin dips 6%

Dogecoin has dipped by 6% during the past 24 hours to trade at $0.068, according to data from CoinGecko. The meme coin had attempted to rally last week after the cryptocurrency recovered, with Bitcoin reclaiming $24K and Ethereum $1800.

One of the main reasons that could be behind DOGE’s price dip is a reported phishing campaign targeting DOGE wallets. The Dogecoin team confirmed this attack on Twitter, saying that the hackers were tricking users that they were Dogecoin support. The DOGE team affirmed that it does not run any support page.

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As seen from the tweet, the attackers posing as Dogecoin support asked users to set up a Trust wallet and share their seed phrases and account information. Such information can be later used to steal crypto assets from user wallets.

It is not the first time that scams are targeting Dogecoin. Last year, amid the massive meme coin hype, Dogecoin users were targeted by scams of crypto giveaways and phishing campaigns.

Tamadoge is a safer meme coin

The meme coin community is vast, but the rising number of scams in the space has dampened investor faith. Tamadoge, the newest meme coin in the market, is filling this gap by presenting a meme coin backed by robust security measures and better utility by focusing on crypto games.

The Tamadoge website describes the project as “the play to earn Dogecoin.” Users can mint, breed, and train doge pets through this platform. Players battling with these pets will receive rewards in TAMA tokens.

Besides providing utility by being a P2E meme coin, Tamadoge is also deflationary. A token burning process will occur whenever users trade TAMA tokens. The supply of TAMA has also been capped at a maximum supply of $2 billion, giving it a higher value than most meme coins.

Tamadoge is currently in the beta phase of the presale. During this phase, investors are getting a 25% discount that will be removed on September 2, 2022. Additionally, Tamadoge will run its presale to Q4 2022.

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