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DLANCE: Web3 Coin Sets Sights on Freelance Metaverse Domination – Why You Should Take Notice

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freelance metaverse
freelance metaverse

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The freelancing industry has grown exponentially in recent years. As per the stats, more than 65% of job holders want to work as remote employees. The global gig economy will cross $450 billion this year, and the freelancing industry will have a value of more than $12 billion by 2028.

With the rapid growth of Web3 technology, it is expected that the freelancing ecosystem will change the perception of the work in upcoming times. For the purpose of combining the world of freelancing and Web3 technology, developers have launched DeeLance as the next-generation platform where the world can work smartly together.

It integrates the freelancing industry with the features of the metaverse, NFTs, and other elements of Web3 technology. Read ahead as we discuss the potential and roadmap of DeeLance in its journey of dominating the freelance metaverse.

DeeLance Will Change the Freelancing Industry Forever

The ecosystem of DeeLance comprises a unique NFT marketplace, revolutionary metaverse, and innovative freelancing and recruitment platform. On this platform, users only need to spend a few minutes to post a job or apply for it.

They do not require any unnecessary details, such as third-party app logins, credit card details, wallet details, etc., for operating this platform. The platform also offers a smooth and efficient experience to its users while they use its different features. Leading company Coinsult has done the audit and KYC verification of this platform.

On DeeLance, you can turn your freelance work into digital tokens and keep these tokens in the form of NFTs. This feature ensures that users remain in complete control of the ownership of their work. Recruiters can get this ownership only when they pay for the products and complete other formalities.

It helps in making sure that freelancers’ work is protected from payment fraud or copyright violations. Further, the usage of NFTs also keeps their work safe and reliable. Freelancers can connect themselves directly with employers on a peer-to-peer basis on this decentralized platform. Further, they don’t have to pay high fees on the freelancing marketplace of DeeLance, when compared to other marketplaces.

DeeLance has created a unique metaverse with its technology, where freelancers have their own officers, and buyers interact with freelancers in their office space.

Metaverse of DeeLance offers virtual office space for meetings and collaboration of freelance with their clients. It also contains a lobby area for user interaction. For availing of the special freelancing experiences in the metaverse, users will need to have the native token of this platform, i.e., the $DLANCE token.

Presale of the $DLANCE Token

At the time of writing, the presale of the $DLANCE token is going on, where you can get 1 $DLANCE for a price of $0.038 USDT. The platform has already raised more than $1.3 million from its presale in a few weeks. The total supply of $DLANCE is 1 billion tokens. Around 30% of these tokens are getting sold from this ongoing presale.

The presale will happen in seven stages, where the price of each token will increase in every subsequent stage. Currently, the fourth stage of the presale is going on, and as soon as it gets over, the price of each token will increase to $0.043. After this presale, the platform will look forward to the listing of these tokens on prominent exchanges.

$DLANCE tokens offer great utility in the metaverse. The platform also accepts crypto as a mode of compensation for freelancers’ services to their employers. This ensures a fast payment mechanism without any issues of high commissions rate.

You can purchase NFTs and acquire land and offices in the metaverse of DeeLance from these tokens. They also provide a smooth transaction process and special privileges in the ecosystem. One can even advertise or display ads in the metaverse with the help of these tokens.


The post-pandemic shift to remote work has offered great potential and opportunities for the freelancing industry. DeeLance, with its Web3 features, is ready to capitalize on the growing market of freelancers. The response to the presale of its native tokens already indicates that investors have shown their confidence in this project.

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