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Democratising Asset Management with Gabriele Rigo

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Gabriele Rigo discusses the RigoBlock project with Simon Dixon

Gabriele Rigo, CEO and Founder of RigoBlock, spoke with Simon Pearson at TokenMarket’s inaugural summit in Gibraltar to break down the RigoBlock project. The two, with similar backgrounds and experience within the world of asset management and blockchain, discuss how new technology can revolutionise this traditional industry.

Delving deep into the core of RigoBlock’s foundations, Gabriele discusses his introduction into the world of blockchain as well as his background in the asset management industry. An experienced hedge fund manager, Gabriele knew that the world of asset management was a market closed to most of the general public with many hedge funds operating on a tens of million dollars budget. The RigoBlock platform sets to decentralise, democratise and innovate the asset management industry.

“I always had this idea that it shouldn’t be necessary to have a distribution to run a fund for a trader. There should be a way of running funds inexpensively.” Gabriele states. “In 2016 I started creating the first smart contracts to code funds on the blockchain and RigoBlock was born.”

The discussion also illustrates how the RigoBlock project will be available to the public based on a few principles: simple, transparent, meritocratic and democratic.

You can watch Gabriele break down the RigoBlock project with Simon Dixon at the TokenMarket Summit 2018: Insights into the Token Economy, here.

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