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DeeLance is Set to Disrupt Web3 Recruitment – Here’s How to Get In Early

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Freelancing has caught pace over the last few years, as the pandemic forced individuals to work from their homes and discover alternative ways of employment. While it turned out to be quite lucrative for a select group of individuals, many were left stranded as finding employment became inconsistent.

UpWork and Fiverr were among the top platforms where creators could find clients in need of work, and they worked decently for a while. But a few issues soon started to show up, such as poor quality of work, inconsistent payments and a lack of a community to guide the industry further.

As of today, freelancers are pretty hesitant towards opting for the platforms mentioned above, and many have turned to traditional ways of finding a job. DeeLance is here to change that by offering a web3 alternative that fills in the gaps left by traditional recruiting platforms & helps the industry reach heights it once tried to climb.

DeeLance Plans To Disrupt the $760 Billion Recruitment Industry

DeeLance is a web3-based recruiting platform that plans to disrupt the potential trillion-dollar recruitment industry. The project has launched a presale recently, and this can be your opportunity to get in on the project early & make big gains in the future.

DeeLance will streamline the recruiting process, by eliminating a bunch of issues observed with the platforms currently available. Firstly, DeeLance will create a safe and secure method of payment by using blockchain to track all transactions. Secondly, the platform will feature an NFT-based marketplace, where individuals can showcase their work to clients & employers can browse through numerous portfolios to find the right candidate.

The platform will also eliminate the middlemen, making the recruitment business more cost-effective. This will benefit freelancers who otherwise have to inflate their service charges to cover the platform fees, and this reduces their chances of getting hired. As well as employers, who find it tough to get value for their money, or have to pay extra to get a service.

At the same time, DeeLance will also speed up payments on the platform, where freelancers receive their income the moment their work is approved by the client. Plus, since everyone will be dealing with cryptocurrencies, users won’t have to scratch their heads over exchange rates & charges.

DeeLance plans to create a holistic platform for users that solves all the issues currently present in the traditional landscape, so they can pursue freelancing more open-heartedly.

How Is DeeLance Different From Traditional Recruitment Platforms? – DeeLance Features

DeeLance is a decentralized recruitment platform that operates on web3 technology, allowing freelancers and recruiters to connect without intermediaries. By eliminating middlemen, DeeLance maintains low fees, making it easier for new freelancers to find work and removing geographical boundaries for job seekers. Freelancers can take assessments to verify their skills, build trust with clients and maintain the platform’s integrity.

DeeLance provides collaboration tools for remote workers to communicate, share files, and manage projects. This feature benefits both parties by streamlining communication and facilitating seamless exchange of information.

The platform builds an automated dispute system that stores all buyer and seller reputations on the public blockchain, ensuring a transparent environment for all stakeholders.

One of DeeLance’s unique features is the ability for creative professionals to protect their work’s ownership by turning it into NFTs. This way, the ownership rights can be leased or sold, eliminating the risk of copyright infringement.

DeeLance uses advanced algorithms to match the right freelancer with the right client, ensuring that freelancers find legitimate clients and recruiters get a good return on investment. The platform’s optimized search option allows users to find a client or freelancer based on their specific needs, eliminating clutter and saving time.

The platform offers a decentralized ecosystem on the blockchain and provides a secure and transparent environment for freelancers and clients to work together with confidence and transparency. DeeLance also fosters micro-communities in the metaverse, creating business opportunities and nurturing relationships between freelancers and clients.

DLANCE Token To Power DeeLance Ecosystem

DLANCE is the native token of the DeeLance ecosystem, and it will be used to power all operations on the platform. The token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, part of which will be sold in the presale.

The token will be used for multiple purposes, including purchasing virtual properties or offices in the metaverse. Here, users can interact with other users and carry their business more effectively. In addition to this, the token will also be used to make any purchases on the platform.

Users will be able to list their assets as NFTs, such as services or products, and interested parties will be able to purchase these NFTs without having to contact the creator every single time.

Freelancers on the platform can also use the token to rent an office space and do their work within the DeeLance ecosystem. The token can also be used to fund marketing campaigns and promote products inside the metaverse, to attract business.

DLANCE rests at the foundation of the DeeLance ecosystem and has a lot of utility, which makes it an attractive investment for users. Naturally, as the platform grows, the token will become more valuable and the earlier you get in the bigger the profit you can make.

DLANCE Presale Lists Tokens at $0.025 for Stage 1

DeeLance has launched its presale on the official website, and DLANCE tokens are available to purchase for $0.025 in the first stage. A total of 60 million tokens will be sold in this stage, and the price target for this round is set at $1.5 million.

The next two stages will be selling 73 and 83 million tokens respectively, at a price of $0.027 and $0.030. The fundraising target for these levels will be $2 million and $2.5 million. Collectively, the presale plans to raise $6 million before it lists on centralized exchanges.

It has only been a few days since the launch of the presale and it has already raised over $34,000 so far. If you’re interested in the project now, visit today as the listing price for DLANCE tokens will be $0.037, leaving you with a profit of close to 50%.

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