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Dash 2 Trade Presale Ends In 2 Days – Only Half Million Tokens Left!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Dash 2 Trade Coming to
Dash 2 Trade Coming to

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Dash 2 Trade (listed as D2T) has been in the news lately due to its impressive presale, which is about to end on 11th January. The presale helped it raise more than $15 million dollars within the stipulated time.

D2T is a utility-based ERC20 token which will power the Dash 2 Trade platform in the coming days. The project was launched last year and managed to garner warm reception from investors amid the crypto winter.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, users are not required to pay any tax either on the purchase or sale of D2T tokens. Dash 2 Trade recently launched its beta version, which marks the beginning of phase two of the Dash 2 Trade project.

About Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto analytics platform which offers its users all the information relevant to make a successful investment decision in crypto through the help of dashboards.

Having been developed by the founders of Learn 2 Trade, a crypto trading academy with 70,000+, the platform is programmed to take into consideration every minute aspect that might contribute to the price of movement of cryptos. Learn 2 Trade also provides Dash 2 Trade with a ready consumer base.

Dash 2 Trade, although still under development, promises to offer features like on-chain metrics, social sentiment analytics, presale analytics, strategy backtesting, etc.

Strategy Backtesting

Dash 2 Trade encourages its users to develop successful trading strategies which could later be adopted by others. The users can test their strategy in a simulation of the real market.

Through backtesting, the users are able to identify (and rectify) flaws in their strategies which would otherwise result in losses.

Presale Analytics

Presales are important for investors as they tend to get maximum returns on their investments through presales. The D2T dashboard will also include a presale section which will provide users with all the necessary data regarding the major presales in the market.

Dash 2 Trade checks for the legitimacy of the token and manually assigns them a Dash Score.

The presale section is available for the use of D2T users in its beta version (which will improve with further versions).

Social Indicators

Veteran investors understand the importance of social and cultural trends in shaping a coin’s growth (in the long term as well as in the short term). The discussions taking place on Reddit and tweets by micro influencers shape the opinion of many investors and, therefore, contribute towards price volatility.

Dash 2 Trade has incorporated social indicators in its dashboard. These indicators measure the trends of various cryptocurrencies on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. These indicators help in figuring out whether a coin’s current social trends will affect its price negatively or positively.

D2T Trading Academy

D2T, with the help of its trading academy, helps novice traders excel in the field using its dashboard features. The D2T trading academy teaches traders about the D2T platform and how to use its various features.

Dash Score

Dash Score is Dash 2 Trade’s proprietary scoring technique which measures the health of a presale. Dash score is a composition of various factors like the team developing the project, the tokenomics, the product, etc.

Dash score consists of a total of 100 points which are divided into five categories- the team (30%), the product (20%), marketing (20%), tokenomics (10%), and development (20%).

Many believe the Dash score to soon become an industry standard as it takes into account various factors that may contribute to the growth of the coin in the long run. Dash scores are manually assigned by the D2T team for metrics that cannot be assessed through software.

D2T’s Presale Ends in 2 Days

Not surprisingly, D2T has done exceptionally well in its presale. Dash 2 Trade has managed to sell more than 100% of the tokens that it was offering in presale. The project is still excepting orders and will continue to do so till 11th January.

At the time of writing this article, D2T has managed to raise more than $15 million out of $15.4 million. Investors are rallying to get their hands on the D2T token as its presale ends in two days.

Investors are required to purchase a minimum of 1000 D2Ts at 0.0556 USDT per D2T in presale.

Post its presale, D2T would be listed in multiple exchanges like LBank, Uniswap, and Changelly at a significantly higher rate (giving early investors an opportunity to make quick profits).

Investors can purchase D2T from presale using Ethereum or Tether. They also have the option of purchasing D2T using their debit or credit cards in case they don’t have a crypto wallet.

Dash 2 Trade Subscription

Dash 2 Trade will offer both free as well as a paid versions to its users. The free version, however, will lack a lot of key features that help Dash 2 Trade stand apart.

A user, to enjoy the features provided by the Dash 2 Trade platform, will be required to buy a monthly or annual subscription to the platform. Users are supposed to pay the subscription fees using D2T. This will ensure a regular demand for the D2T tokens.

Dash 2 Trade can be used by anyone who invests in the crypto market, giving it a large user base that it can cater to. Therefore, growth in the number of people signing up for the platform will also boost the demand for D2T, helping the coin grow in value.


D2T, being a utility token, is showing tremendous signs of growth as it was able to sell more than 100% of tokens within the stipulated time. Apart from its growth in the long term, D2T’s listing in various exchanges also offers presale investors the prospect of quick returns.

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