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CyberVein to Launch Token Issuance Platform on Huobi ECO Chain

Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Reportedly Looking At Bithumb Acquisition
Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Reportedly Looking At Bithumb Acquisition

CyberVein, a self-described “next-generation big data and analytics company,” has revealed a new technological development, according to a press release from the group.

Essentially, The group has partnered with Huobi’s Open Platform, the release notes. In doing so, CyberVein will launch Cross, the “first-of-a-kind decentralized nonfungible token issuance platform,” on Huobi’s ECO Chain. This ECO chain is meant to provide traditional blockchain benefits while saving energy.

Sharing some thoughts on the matter is Jack Ge, the global ambassador at CyberVein, who said:

“With Cross requiring immense transaction speed, we see this technological partnership as the most important one in 2020. We will test things with Cross; however, our long-term vision would be to utilize Heco for all our products and services.”

The release continues, describing CyberVein:

“The foundation behind CyberVein, the CV Foundation, is allocating 1% of tradable CVT tokens (around 20 million CVT) to the Heco chain. Acting as a medium of NFT issuance and auction, CVT will monetize digital assets and support the daily operation of Cross on the Heco chain. The complete ecosystem of Cross will be launched in Q1 2021. The ecosystem will consist of the platform, associated products and applications. The launch is set to attract more quality projects for the Heco chain as well.”

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