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Crypto Valley Association to Publish its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines

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The Crypto Valley Association (CVA), “the leading global cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem,” will be publishing what it calls its Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines, according to a press release.

These key ceremonies should bring awareness to how users should protect their cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, it notes.

Of course, they won’t be unveiled until the “Demystifying Key Ceremonies” event, which is to be presented today.

Speaking on the matter is Markus Perdrizat, the Chair of Cybersecurity Working Group at the CVA, who said:

“With more and more financial assets locked up in cryptocurrencies, the need for a set of best practice standards regarding key ceremonies for cryptocurrencies has never been more pronounced. Ultimately, the security of financial assets begins with the key ceremony – when the cryptographic secrets are created. From that point forward, the highest standards of security must be upheld. To this end, we are delighted to officially unveil our new guidelines to the world.”

Also speaking on the matter is Emi Lorincz, a board member at the Crypto Valley Association, who had said:

“The CVA Cybersecurity Working Group is firmly committed to setting the highest security standards and best practices with regard to product development, security audits, and key management within the blockchain and crypto realm. The publication of the Trusted Key Ceremony Guidelines gives expression to this ongoing effort and captures the far-reaching ambition of the CVA to strengthen security levels in the crypto assets space more broadly, and to extend the accessibility of crypto assets.”

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