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Crypto Market Buzz: BIAO Poised for Record-Breaking Price Rally

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BIAO price
BIAO price

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BIAO coin, the newly launched cryptocurrency, has garnered significant attention within the market. It experienced a staggering 95% surge on Tuesday, propelling its value to $0.000002971. This saw the token secure a position among the top 10 hot coins of the day on DEXTools.


The team behind BIAO coin provides limited information on its official website, The project has garnered a high reliability score of 99/99 on DEXTools. Additionally, it boasts a community trust score of 71.1%. According to its official Twitter account, the BIAO coin is described as “the future of finance” and “not just a meme, but a friend.” It draws inspiration from popular Chinese meme “biaoqing,” featuring an expressive face superimposed onto a panda bear or other animals.

Introduced in May 2023, Biaocoin (BIAO) operates on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. Supported by a dedicated team of developers and a thriving community, Biaocoin garners support from reputable companies like Binance and Huobi. Interested individuals can acquire Biaocoin on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Uniswap, Poloniex, and LBank.

Due to the scarcity of information surrounding Biaocoin’s actual use and purpose, assessing its viability as an investment is challenging. Currently, the team needs to enhance its market presence and bolster the coin’s utility to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Market’s Reaction Towards BIAO

A Twitter user believes that the token BIAO has the potential to reach a market capitalization of 100 million by the end of the week. The fact that this user expresses such enthusiasm and optimism indicates a high level of trust in the coin’s capabilities and future prospects. The community’s unwavering support and confidence in BIAO further highlight the positive sentiment surrounding the coin. It also suggests its potential for significant growth in the near term.

There is another user who believes in the upcoming surge of BIAO token. He says that Jeets, FUDders, and the other individuals harboring negative sentiments towards the $BIAO coin believe they have successfully positioned it according to their desires or expectations.

However, a sudden surge is imminent, catching them off guard and leaving them unaware of the impactful consequences that will ensue. The unexpected turn of events will surprise them and potentially disrupt their previously held assumptions or intentions.

Factors Behind Sudden BIAO Surge

The BIAO token is recognized as a Chinese PEPE coin. Consequently, any positive news pertaining to cryptocurrencies from China tends to exert a favorable influence on its value. The recent notable increase in the BIAO token’s value can also be attributed to recent developments involving HSBC.

Specifically, Hong Kong’s largest bank, HSBC, announced yesterday its intention to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This groundbreaking move positions HSBC as the first bank in the country to offer such investment vehicles.

This favorable news pertaining to cryptocurrencies has created an encouraging environment that extends to other coins associated with the country, including BIAO. The broader positive sentiment surrounding cryptocurrencies, driven by HSBC’s initiative, has contributed to the recent surge in value experienced by BIAO and similar tokens originating from China.

In fact, BIAO has now reached the top 10 meme coins on the hot pair list at DEXTools.

BIAO/ETH Price Analysis

BIAO price
TradingView Chart: BIAO/ETH 1-Day Chart

Following a notable surge of 95% within a 20-hour period, the BIAO/ETH pair has experienced a subsequent decline. These losses serve to affirm the emergence of a cup and handle candlestick pattern. Sustained adherence to this pattern suggests a potential surge for the BIAO cryptocurrency in terms of ETH, with an expected target level of 0.000003328, which was last observed on June 21st.

The MACD histogram, positioned above the zero line, indicates a positive momentum in the short term. Initially, the support level at 0.000002163 serves as a critical threshold. Any breach and subsequent close below this level would likely result in further price depreciation, potentially leading to the next support level at 0.000001736. Once this level is reached, substantial bullish pressure is anticipated as the cup and handle candlestick pattern nears completion.

Conversely, if the bulls successfully maintain the positive momentum, the pair will encounter its initial resistance at 0.000002771. A breakthrough and subsequent candle close above this level would propel the prices toward the psychologically significant threshold of 0.000003328.

Moreover, the EMA crossover, specifically the lower EMA (depicted in orange) surpassing, the higher EMA (depicted in green) from below, further corroborates the existence of a robust bullish trend in the market. In summary, the technical outlook of the H2 chart for BIAO/ETH exhibits indications of impending positive momentum.

According to Coinmarketcap, the BIAO coin possesses a market capitalization of $2 million and a total liquidity of $646.67 thousand. Within a 24-hour timeframe, the total trading volume amounts to approximately $633.86 thousand, up by 284%.

While BIAO is giving an outstanding performance, another coin is grabbing investors’ attention, WSM.

Alternative to BIAO – Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The Wall Street Memes (WSM) token, developed by the creators of the Wall St Bulls NFT collection, capitalizes on the market’s interest in meme coins. With a focus on merging memes with blockchain technology, WSM aims to disrupt the financial landscape and empower the community through decentralization. The project’s solid financial backing, rapid growth, and support from influential figures like Elon Musk make it an appealing option for leading crypto exchanges.

During its presale, WSM raised an impressive $10.72 million in just four weeks, showcasing strong community support. The project’s transparent distribution and generous airdrop for presale investors further emphasize its community-oriented approach.

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