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Crypto Influencer Reviews The 3 Best New Altcoins To Invest In Right Now

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Crypto Influencer Reviews The 3 Best New Altcoins To Invest In Right Now
Crypto Influencer Reviews The 3 Best New Altcoins To Invest In Right Now

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YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury shared three videos reviewing a selection of the best new altcoins to invest in right now. The cryptocurrency space has undergone significant changes in recent years. Currently, there are numerous alternative coins in their presale stage, each with unique features, use cases, and goals.

Investing in these top altcoins may offer the potential for substantial profits. With promising projects and growing adoption, the cryptocurrency market presents exciting opportunities for investors seeking potential growth and diversification in their investment portfolio.

Best New Altcoins to Invest In Now

This week Jacob reviewed following new crypto projects for his 20,000 subscribers:

Chimpzee (CHMPZ)

The green crypto project, Chimpzee, has successfully raised over $1.1 million through the sale of its native $CHMPZ token. As part of its presale promotion, the project is airdropping up to 10 million tokens (with 870,000 still available) to new investors.

Depending on the amount of tokens purchased, investors can receive additional bonus tokens, ranging from 10,000 to 1,000,000 $CHMPZ. These free tokens, along with the purchased tokens, will be automatically airdropped into the investors’ wallets after the presale concludes.

Adding to the airdrop, Chimpzee is also offering a 100% token bonus to presale participants. For investors seeking to participate in this web3 charity project, it’s crucial to act promptly. With the ninth stage of Chimpzee’s presale concluding in 12 days.

Chimpzee is a disruptive crypto platform that not only allows users to earn a passive income but also actively contributes to environmental causes, specifically animal conservation and combating climate change.

The project features a shop-to-earn, a trade-to-earn, and a play-to-earn game called “Zero Tolerance.” The $CHMPZ token comes with the added benefit of being deflationary. Tokens used to purchase Chimpzee Passport NFTs and leftover tokens from each presale stage will be burned from circulation.

Chimpzee aims to burn at least 70% of the initial 200 billion token supply, with 100 billion tokens already burned and a final 40 billion token burn planned after the token’s launch. This commitment to burning tokens will significantly reduce the $CHMPZ supply to substantially less than 60 billion.

Chimpzee represents a pioneering approach to cryptocurrencies by integrating environmental sustainability into its core mission. To date, the project has generously contributed to various conservation organizations. The eco- friendly crypto donated $20,000 to the ‘WILD’ organization and sponsored $15,000 to support elephant protection.

Additionally, it funded the planting of over 20,000 trees in both Brazil and Guatemala. As development continues, Chimpzee is steadfast in upholding its dual mission of economic advancement and environmental responsibility, showcasing the potential of bridging profits with environmental causes in the world of digital currencies.

Invest in CHMPZ at

Cowabunga (COWABUNGA)

Cowabunga, a new cryptocurrency presale, blends the history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) with the world of cryptocurrencies. Early adopters can now acquire 35% of Cowabunga’s 4 billion $COWABUNGA supply during the presale, offering them a substantial number of tokens.

During the recently established single-stage presale, early buyers have the opportunity to purchase $COWABUNGA tokens at a discounted price of $0.000357 USDT, ensuring that prospective investors won’t miss out on early entry.

The project aims to raise $500,000 through the presale, and it values community involvement, rewarding loyalty with 25% of the token supply dedicated to community prizes and airdrops.

To support smooth trading conditions and provide stability for investors, Cowabunga allocates 20% of its token supply for DEX liquidity and another 10% for CEX liquidity, securing this liquidity at launch.

In a market saturated with meme currencies, Cowabunga stands out with its distinctive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo, capturing the essence of vibrant communities and strong brand recognition.

Crypto influencers like Jacob Bury are already acknowledging $COWABUNGA’s 10x potential, making it an enticing opportunity for early adopters to participate in a potential viral success. As the presale kicks off, early investors have a chance to join what could become one of the leading meme coins in the market.

The fusion of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nostalgia and cryptocurrencies offers an exciting journey for those exploring the possibilities of Cowabunga.

Invest in COWABUNGA at

XRP20 (XRP20)

XRP20, a new token currently in its presale phase, embraces the recent trend of providing second chances to investors who might have missed out on lucrative cryptocurrency projects like Ripple (XRP). While the project emphasizes a decentralized and community-driven structure, its tokenomics share similarities with XRP.

The plan is to burn 10% of the token supply, leaving 90% for the community. During the single-round presale, 40 billion of the 100 billion tokens in circulation for $XRP20 are available for purchase. The goal of the presale is to raise a hard cap of $3.68 million before $XRP20 is released on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the presale stage, the token is priced at only $0.000092, making it 30 times less expensive than XRP’s all-time low. $XRP20 is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain, operating on a secure and decentralized network. The token’s supply is gradually reduced through the Ethereum smart contracts’ burning process.

A burnt wallet address receives 0.1% of all buy and sell transactions. Token holders have the opportunity to generate passive revenue through staking, incentivizing them to hold the token, contribute to stability, and manage the circulating supply.

To ensure DEX liquidity, an additional 10% of the token supply has been reserved. With its promising features and community-driven approach, XRP20 aims to carve a place for itself in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

Invest in XRP20 at


You can find the in-depth review of each of the highlighted altcoins above on Jacob Bury’s YouTube channel. Additionally, Jacob Bury manages a Discord channel with 15,000 members, offering a valuable platform to access trading tips and stay informed about upcoming crypto presales.

In this comprehensive guide, we have carefully selected the projects that stand out as our top recommendations for the best altcoins to buy. These projects have been chosen based on their user-friendly investment processes, coupled with the significant upside potential they offer to investors.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, staying well-informed and making informed investment decisions becomes crucial, and our featured altcoins are well-positioned to cater to both seasoned investors and newcomers seeking promising opportunities in the digital asset space.

Whether you are looking for long-term growth prospects or seeking to diversify your investment portfolio, these carefully curated altcoins have the potential to drive substantial returns while being accessible and approachable for all levels of investors.


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