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Crypto community shares divided opinion regarding the Solana mobile phone launch

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Solana Price

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Solana recently announced that it would launch a new smartphone dubbed “Saga.” The smartphone seeks to allow users to interact with the Web3 world. Solana’s Android smartphone will be launched early next year.

The SOL community was quick to welcome this new development, as it would bring mobile advancements into the buzzing Web3 sector. However, some crypto community members have expressed concerns over the regular outages on the Solana blockchain.

Crypto community reacts to Solana Saga phone

After Solana announced the launch of its new smartphone, some community members hailed the development, saying it would support the advancement of the Web3 world. Some users said that the launch of the phone was making Solana the “Apple of Web3.”

Some community members also compared the progress made by the SOL network to the Ethereum network. They said that Solana was launching a Web3 smartphone a few years after being launched, while Ethereum was yet to take such steps. Twitter user Thesolmane noted that Ethereum had gone “without innovation in years.”

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Nathanweb3, another Twitter user, also posted a Twitter thread promoting the SOL network over the Ethereum blockchain. The user said that Solana was becoming a threat to Ethereum. The thread further added that SOL developers were focused on addressing the shortcomings of Ethereum. Therefore, the Solana team was solving these issues and making the blockchain easier for users.

The Twitter thread further said that “what matters is what the everyday user gravitates to. The Solana crowd is more in touch with reality [especially] regarding product development.”

Some community members criticize Solana’s phone launch

While the move received some praise from some members of the community, some believed that SOL launching a phone upgrade was not a realistic move, as the network has been facing issues with outages in recent months.

Earlier this month, the SOL network halted the blockchain globally, marking the fifth outage suffered by the network within a year. The price of SOL plunged following this outage. Due to these outages, some Twitter users opined that the Solana dev team should focus on boosting the reliability of its network.

The co-founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, was among those who attacked the SOL network, saying that if the phone is launched, the users would have to find each other on Discord to restart the phone if it faces performance issues due to issues with the underlying Solana network.

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