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Crypto-Based Game Released by Major League Baseball

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Crypto-Based Game Released by Major League Baseball
Crypto-Based Game Released by Major League Baseball

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Day by day, the influence of the crypto world is spreading far and near. Just last year, an enterprise named Lucid Sight publicized its partnership deal with Major League Baseball. As it is now, that deal is already yielding very positive results. There is now a crypto collectibles game aptly named MLB Champions and it is set to surely rock everywhere.

This fantastic game allows you to have your own digital version of baseball cards and enjoy the game with them. It is really innovative in many ways. With palpable joy, Lucid Sight that took to Twitter to announce its latest exploit in what it called ‘blockchain gaming’. Trading cryptos just took another dimension.

Digital Collectibles: A Real Product of Innovation

In an interview with Yahoo, it was an optimistic chief executive officer of Lucid Sight Randy Saaf who confidently declared that probably the only way to get across to the next generation is via the use of digital collectibles. The presence of digital natives says it all, these are individuals who are linked to one form of technological device or the other every moment of their existence. Such people are expected to find the pull of digital collectibles totally irresistible. With the blockchain and tokens, they can now become owners of crypto assets in a totally new way. A totally new way that is clearly very different from what could be obtained with similar games in the past.

Just like the real-life collectibles and baseball cards, the players on this game can also be engaged on top digital cryptocurrency exchanges. It is possible to purchase new players during the draft sessions or even as a group from the enterprise. As for the player stats, it gets better with performance. Saaf also stressed that the game is a ‘fantasy-esque’ kind of game where the players buy collectibles, purchase a Bryce Harper or other legends then take part in the game.

In order to make his point even more clearly, he said a case where one of the players wins the world series, fresh rewards will be created and these can be kept out of circulation, all based on powerful blockchain technology.

The Transformation of Collectibles

Gradually, digital collectibles are evolving, and some analysts even believe that right now, they are far better than the conventional ones. They enumerated the reasons for reaching this conclusion.

One is that they cannot be faked, and players can always be sure of their authenticity while not even the company itself can decide to just release more. Saaf also clarified that his company does not rebuy these collectibles from the public and that market platform operates on its own. He pointed out the fact some of the collectibles that went for $5 in 2018 have now quadrupled in value.

It is becoming really interesting as sporting ventures are now tapping into the awesome power of crypto assets. Now that there is a new concept of digital memorabilia, the scene promises to become even far more interesting than it has ever been.

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