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Craig Wright’s Wife Wins Case Against UFX Exchange Over Closed Account

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Beyond claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright has also gained a reputation for being rather litigious. It would appear that his wife has gotten the same traits. Recently, Ramona Ang, the wife of Bitcoin SV proponent Craig Wright, scored a significant win in court against the UFX exchange platform.

No Probable Cause for Restricting Funds

A recent ruling from Honorable Judge Justice Butcher of the U.K High Court ruled in favor of Ang against Reliantco, the Cyprus-based operator of UFX. Ang had sued the exchange after it closed her account without depositing her funds years back.

According to the judge’s ruling, Reliantco had failed to make its case that Ang hadn’t been the account’s principal user. The Cyprus-based firm explained that it closed Ang’s account because Wright was essentially controlling it. It alleged that Wright had been using the exchange to move funds ever since his account with it had been blocked.  

The firm closed Wright’s account after he was accused of fraud, although they returned the $10,000 he had deposited. When they closed Ang’s account, however, they did so without any compensation. In Ang’s suit, she asked for $708,857 – comprising the initial $400,000 she had invested in Bitcoin futures and over $300,000 in gains on her open positions since then.

Ang also claimed a loss of $1,334,163 that would have come from opening a Bitcoin account on Kraken and earning 3,530 BCH from the asset’s fork off the original Bitcoin blockchain. In total, Wright’s spouse claimed $2,643,020 in compensations.

In his ruling, the judge explained that some of Ang’s claims had been untruthful and inaccurate. However, he didn’t find any evidence to show that Ang wasn’t the account’s principal owner. Thus, UFX will need to refund her.

No Luck for Wright in Legal Cases

While Ang is finding some success with her lawsuit, Wright has not been nearly as lucky. The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto has been in a long-standing legal tussle with the family of David Kleimann, his former business associate, over Bitcoin ownership.

Beyond the Kleimann suit, Wright has also suffered some losses in other legal cases. In August, Norway-based crypto commentator Hodlnaut took to Twitter to bash Wright for failing to pay $60,000 in fees from a suit Wright had lost.

The suit originated over a year ago, after Hodlnaut had labeled Wright a liar for claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Along with names like Adam Back and Peter McCormack, Wright sued Hodlnaut for libel. Against the commentator, Wright claimed that he had been slandered. However, the Norwegian District Court threw the case out last December and asked the Bitcoin SV proponent to pay legal fees.

Wright appealed the case, moving it to the High Court in the United Kingdom. Still, the judge dismissed it, claiming that he didn’t have any power to make substantial rulings on the case. A third loss at the Norwegian Court of Appeal saw Wright abandon the case, stuck with $60,000 in fees.

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