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CoinCodex YouTube Channel Reviews a New Crypto Investment with a Predict-to-Earn Concept

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

CoinCodex YouTube Channel Reviews A New Crypto Investment With A Predict-to-Earn Concept
CoinCodex YouTube Channel Reviews A New Crypto Investment With A Predict-to-Earn Concept

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A CoinCodex YouTube channel provides insight into a new crypto project aiming to shake up user engagement with Bitcoin price predictions.

It also strives to achieve greater environmental sustainability compared to Bitcoin’s existing mining infrastructure by employing a more energy-efficient approach.

Green Bitcoin presale nears completion, announces exchange listings and marketing expansion

For crypto enthusiasts seeking the next big thing, innovative projects are constantly emerging to tackle current challenges and redefine the possibilities of decentralized finance. One such project garnering recent attention is Green Bitcoin, a platform introducing the unique concept of predict to earn.

Green Bitcoin isn’t just another cryptocurrency; it’s a vision that merges the established legacy of Bitcoin with Ethereum’s environmentally friendly blockchain technology.

At its core, Green Bitcoin offers users an engaging and rewarding way to predict Bitcoin’s price movements. Unlike traditional energy-intensive proof-of-work mechanisms, Green Bitcoin leverages a more sustainable proof-of-stake mechanism, making it up to 10,000x more eco-friendly.

Green Bitcoin expects its presale to wrap up quickly, having garnered an impressive sum of over $8.8 million in contributions worldwide. Prospective investors have a brief opportunity to purchase GBTC tokens at the current price of $1.1062.

The project’s official Telegram group confirmed an upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX) listing on April 5th. Upon creating the liquidity pool, investors can directly claim their tokens on the Green Bitcoin website, the sole platform facilitating token claims.

Green Bitcoin also announced its first Centralized Exchange (CEX) listing on April 11th, with partner information to be revealed soon. A second CEX listing is planned for the future, with details yet to be announced.

Green Bitcoin has also unveiled plans for a “Predict-to-Earn” feature, with more information to be released in the future. In a significant development, Green Bitcoin extended its partnership with its highly regarded marketing team, the key driver behind the project’s rapid fundraising success.

This collaboration ensures comprehensive global marketing campaigns for both the short and long term. Green Bitcoin will strategically shift its marketing efforts towards the pre-launch and launch phases, aligning them with exchange listings to maximize exposure.

Following the initial listings, marketing will adapt to maintain momentum and fuel further growth. The opportunity to purchase tokens at the presale price remains available until the first exchange listing date.

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Key features driving Green Bitcoin’s presale success

Green Bitcoin’s core innovation is Gamified Green Staking, a model that rewards token holders for both their investment and participation in predicting Bitcoin’s price movements. Users stake tokens to predict Bitcoin’s price direction and compete for a share of the daily staking reward pool based on their accuracy.

Longer staking periods earn additional rewards, incentivizing long-term investment and a thriving community. The project’s tokenomics are designed for sustainability and growth.

With 50% of tokens allocated for the presale, 20% reserved for staking rewards, and dedicated portions for marketing, community rewards, and exchange listings, the distribution fosters a balanced ecosystem that rewards participation. The presale offers an enticing opportunity to stake tokens and earn substantial rewards.

With a current annual rewards rate of 76%, over 7.6 million allocated tokens are already staked, reflecting significant investor interest.

Users can participate using various cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, BNB, and Tether, or even credit cards for added flexibility. For comprehensive instructions on how to buy $GBTC, please refer to our detailed guide.

The roadmap outlined by the Green Bitcoin team highlights key milestones for the project’s development. Following the presale, the platform plans to launch its token on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges, ensuring liquidity and accessibility.

Subsequent steps include the introduction of the Bitcoin price prediction feature, further enhanced with gamification elements and updates as part of the Predict to Earn 2.0 update. Before exploring the token’s predictive platform, you should first check out our Green Bitcoin price prediction.


Green Bitcoin’s intriguing concept and clear roadmap position it as a project to keep an eye on. Its unique features offer a fresh twist on cryptocurrency investment, potentially fostering a more engaged user base.

With a strong community already displaying significant interest, Green Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt the traditional crypto investment model. As the platform launches on exchanges and the update rolls out, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the opportunity to interact with digital assets in a whole new way.

Green Bitcoin’s innovative approach has the potential to redefine user engagement and rewrite the rules of crypto investment. To take part in the $GBTC token presale, visit greenbitcoin.


Green Bitcoin - Gamified Green Staking


Green Bitcoin
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Green Bitcoin

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