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Chimpzee Top Green Meme Coin Presale – Next 10x Crypto?

Chimpzee Top Green Meme Coin Presale
Chimpzee Top Green Meme Coin Presale

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CHMPZ is a wildlife conservation token that enables users to passively make income while actively supporting to protect animals and combat climate change. The ongoing presale of Chimpzee’s native token, CHMPZ, has gotten a lot of support from the crypto and conservation communities. This highlights how important it is to combine financial gains with environmental effect.

Chimpzee – Best Green Meme Coin

Chimpzee offers people make money without doing much work. At the same time, they can help save animals and the environment, which is good for the world. The whole point of the project is to make people more aware of rare species and deforestation and to help raise money for groups that help these animals and fight deforestation.

Max Chimpzeeski, an African jungle-born scientist monkey, created the project. Chimpzeeski uses Web3 power to fight climate change. Chimpzeeski used Web3 technology to develop an instrument for his quest and created Chimpzee. Chimpzee allows individuals to generate passive income while supporting environmental issues.

It supports this cause with numerous features such as Play-to-Earn, Shop-to-Earn, and Trade-to-Earn. A Chimpzee store, the NFT market, and the Zero Tolerance Game are examples of these. Additionally, the team has allocated 10% of the token supply and a portion of the earnings to organizations that support these causes.

Also, a Chimpzee NFT passport will exist, and possessing it entitles users to the greatest amount of passive earnings. As a result of their interactions with various ecosystem components, they can acquire more CHMPZ tokens, the project’s native token. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy  here.

The project provides users with a mobile app that allows them to create a unique chimpanzee AI avatar that will be created by AI. The Diamond NFT Passport costs more than a customized Chimpzee NFT passport. In relation to that, we should clarify the Chimpzee presale, which enables them to purchase these unique passports.

Cyberscope gave the team full verification. Investors can have additional trust because of Cyberscope KYC verification, and Solidity Finance has thoroughly inspected the project’s security. They offer audits of contract security to increase investor trust.

Watch the full Chimpzee meme coin update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a Discord group with nearly 13,000 members.

Update on the CHMPZ Token Presale

There are 40 billion CHMPZ available for purchase throughout the course of four presale rounds. The project already raised over $230k. One CHMPZ is priced at $0.0005 in the initial stage and will rise to $0.00069 in the next stage.

The best-paying Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will be offered to investors. The Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will only be given to participants in the first round. People who miss out during the presale will have to pay extra in the future because only a specific number will be made available for purchase.

They have created a strong and long-lasting structure for their tokenomics in order to support the viability of Chimpzee.

  • Public Sale 45% – Tokens will be sold via presale and public offerings.
  • Exchange and Liquidity 10% – To get on popular exchanges and DEXs.
  • Marketing 15% – To spread the word of Chimpzee to the world and build a new movement to protect animals and save the environment.
  • Community Rewards 5% – To reward the community for their support and activities to help spread the word.
  • Charity 10% – To donate the organizations helping save animals and fight climate change.
  • Development 10% – To support the development of the Chimpzee ecosystem.
  • Team 5% – For talent acquisition and team growth.

Earn free CHMPZ coins by purchasing at the store. When you play the Chimpzee game, you will receive a portion of the NFT Marketplace’s trading fees as well as awards and more CHMPZ tokens. Receive up to 300% free bonus CHMPZ coins when you buy early.

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