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Chimpzee: The Meme Coin That’s Also a Call to Action for Conservation

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Chimpzee may appear to be just another fun cryptocurrency meme project with its playful ape mascot. But behind its meme-inspired appearance, there’s a serious goal: using blockchain technology and financial rewards to help protect the environment and conserve wildlife worldwide.

Using Memecoin For Conservation Cause

This novel approach of fusing crypto profits with social impact has resonated strongly. Chimpzee has rapidly attracted attention from both cryptocurrency investors seeking new opportunities as well as traditional conservation advocates wanting to embrace innovation. By combining these two worlds, the platform has solidified itself as an emerging force championing sustainability.

The growth of Chimpzee within the cryptocurrency sphere is evident from its recent achievement: its native token $CHMPZ has been listed on CoinMarketCap. This milestone marks a significant step forward in increasing its visibility and expanding its community.

Moreover, in March, the platform announced a noteworthy development: the successful burning of 5 billion CHMPZ tokens from circulation. This action is part of its deflationary strategy aimed at ensuring the token’s scarcity and value appreciation over time. Throughout these endeavors, Chimpzee has also been making a notable impact on the global ecosystem, further solidifying its position in the crypto space.

It’s a well-established fact that there is a need for earth conservation and climate change, for instance the global rate of deforestation is on the rise. Approximately 10 million hectares of trees are being cut down annually to clear land for agriculture and livestock, as well as to produce materials like paper. This alarming trend accounts for about 16% of total tree loss worldwide, with 96% of deforestation occurring in tropical forests. Moreover, the dire situation extends to the threat of extinction faced by over a million species of flora and fauna.

This is where the Chimpzee steps in. The platform has effectively raised awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and sustainability. Through partnerships with organizations dedicated to these causes and financial contributions, Chimpzee actively supports efforts to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species using its memecoin initiative.

Chimpzee is doing more than just raising awareness – it is taking concrete steps to combat these issues through working with conservation organizations and direct donations funded by platform profits. Some initiatives it has supported include:

Chimpzee has donated $15,000 to an initiative working to preserve the habitats of desert-adapted elephant populations facing pressures in their arid environments.

Reforestation is another key area of focus. In Central America, Chimpzee funded the planting of 20,000 trees in Guatemala to combat deforestation and replenish the region’s forests.

Its contributions extend to the other side of the world in Australia, where it supported protecting 1,000 square meters of rainforest land from encroaching development. It also provided aid to safeguard wildlife impacted by the hostilities in Ukraine, ensuring displaced or injured animals received care. On a larger scale, Chimpzee invested in planting 5,000 trees in Tanzania to help counter climate change, which is amplifying environmental pressures globally.

Incentivizing Conservation Through CHMPZ Memecoin

While Chimpzee has already achieved notable conservation milestones, this is just the beginning. The memecoin project has ambitious goals to continuously expand its environmental initiatives as it grows in popularity and scale plus recently announced that it plans to launch on the Solana chain this Fall.

To incentivize widespread user participation and spread its eco-friendly message, Chimpzee has ingeniously designed a three-pillar “earn” ecosystem centered around its CHMPZ token:

  • Shop-to-Earn – The project’s merchandise store sells eco-friendly items, with a portion of profits donated to charities. Customers earn passive CHMPZ rewards.
  • Play-to-Earn – An immersive “Zero Tolerance Game” allows players to complete missions stopping poachers and protecting virtual forests, earning CHMPZ and prizes. Holding an NFT Passport unlocks special advantages.
  • Trade-to-Earn – Chimpzee will launch an NFT marketplace that shares a portion of the trading fees with users, putting an emphasis on environment-focused NFT collections.

Chimpzee effortlessly merges investing, commerce, and charitable giving by embedding donations directly into its core operations. Through its memecoin, a portion of all profits goes towards charitable causes, seamlessly integrating impact into its ecosystem.

Chimpzee Prizes

Tokenomics and NFT Incentives

Supporting this system is a token structure aimed at making CHMPZ more valuable over time. Apart from burning 5 billion tokens, there are ongoing plans for more token burns, with over 400 million tokens to be burned in April alone.

Fueling these burns are the minting of tiered “NFT Passport ” assets that enhance holders’ earning potential across Chimpzee’s platforms. There are Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers, each providing benefits like multiplied rewards, higher staking APYs up to 40%, merchandise discounts, and other VIP perks. 

While users without a Passport can still participate, they miss out on the highest income opportunities and premium benefits. This incentive structure drives engagement while funding Chimpzee’s charitable contributions in a novel way, allowing users to mix investing with impactful giving.

Chimpzee’s initiative of utilizing its memecoin for environmental and global causes illustrates its dual purpose: earning money and conserving the earth. Get ready for its launch on the Solana network in the Fall.


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