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C+Charge is Revolutionizing The EV Industry with Carbon Credits and Blockchain – Invest in the Presale Today

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The C+Charge Presale
The C+Charge Presale

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C+Charge is a P2P (peer-to-peer) payment platform for electric vehicles (EV) charging stations. It’s a blockchain-powered technology that allocates individual e-wallets to all EV drivers on the platform to pay for charging their EVs and receive carbon credits for using the platform. 

This platform will ensure a soaring state-of-the-art charging infrastructure in an era where EVs (electric vehicles) are becoming common. 

Presale Success of C+Charge So Far

The C+Charge token (CCHG) is a convertible token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, it’s an ERC-20 token. Using the network’s blockchain-driven app, drivers will earn these tokens for charging their electric vehicles at EV charging stations. Users can find the nearest charging stations, charging duration, and prices using the C+Charge app.

Although the token has reached its final presale stage, it has raised more than $3.3 million, indicating investors’ trust in the project’s long-term benefits. By Friday, March 31, 2023, the token will be listed on BitMart.

In its final stage, the CCHG tokens are worth $0.0235 and will spike once listed on several exchanges.

Out of the total supply of the tokens, 40% goes to Public Sale, 15% (Ecosystem Fund), and 10% to (Community for Giveaways, Airdrop, and staking). 8% is allocated to Listing and Exchange, 7.5% to Partners, 5% (Founders and Team), 5% (Private Sales), and 5% (Environment and Charity). 2.5% goes to the Advisor, while the remaining 2% goes to Angel Sale.

How it Works

C+Charge is a green crypto project aiming to make the EV sector more comprehensive and transparent, incentivizing users to make green decisions. The C+Charge network comes with the EV application, which rewards EV owners whenever they recharge their vehicles.

Furthermore, the network partners with the charging stations offering this service and aim to increase the availability of charging stations across the globe in no time. C+Charge brings accuracy and transparency to every piece of information related to EV charging with its blockchain-driven ecosystem.

Users can monitor the charging costs, locate the nearest charging stations, and know which is operational with the C+Charge app.

The carbon credits concept is another ideal revolution following C+Charge. It’s often seen as a hidden extra expense for charging EVs, but with the C+Charge CCHG token, there will be more transparency between charging stations and EV drivers.

C+Charge is partnering with top EV organizations, including FlowCarbon intending to tackle regulatory issues and increase the adoption rate of electric vehicles. Its collaboration with FlowCarbon resulted in the development of GNT (Goodness Nature Token). Users can exchange this token at any C+Charge partner station to receive EV services.

What you stand to gain

C+Charge enables users to locate and use EV charging stations via the EV app while receiving incentives. EV drivers can receive carbon credits when they pay with CCHG tokens to recharge their electric vehicles. 

Furthermore, electric vehicle drivers will have access to technical diagnosis of charging stations and easy access to a geo-located charging station via the finder on the app. They can learn about charging duration in real-time and keep the system operating efficiently. 

To ensure transparency in the payment method, the ecosystem provides users with seamless payment for various platform integration options. C+Charge provided a detailed roadmap for its users to understand the project better.

In the Launch Phase of the project, the first C+Charge electric chargers will be launched, followed by the C+Charge app.

How to purchase CCHG Tokens

The C+Charge (CCHG) token presale has been successful and will end in a few days. A smart step to take is buying as many CCHG tokens as possible before the price increase. So, here’s a quick guide to consider.

  • Create a Crypto Wallet

Having a crypto wallet is essential, and it’s the first step. The two good wallets on the token presale sites are Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Trust Wallet. However, for a streamlined crypto journey, you can consider Metamask. Meanwhile, you can proceed to the next step if you have a crypto wallet already.

  • Credit your Wallet with USDT or BNB

Purchasing the CCHG token requires USDT or BNB (Binance Coin). It’s easier to convert on the C+Charge website while paying for the tokens. If your wallet’s balance cannot buy the tokens you want, credit it and proceed.

  • Connect your Wallet to the C+Charge Website

Visit C+Charge’s official website and connect your crypto wallet. Simply click on “Wallet Connect” to proceed. Scan the bar code if you’re using a mobile-based wallet. Otherwise, select your wallet from the list after selecting the “Desktop” tab.

  • Swap your USDT or BNB for CCHG Tokens

After connecting your wallet, you’ll see the “order” box immediately. Choose the number of CCHG tokens you wish to purchase and hit “Convert USDT or BNB” based on your preference and balance. However, you must purchase up to 1000 C+Charge tokens, equivalent to 13 USDT, to complete the order. 

  • Claim Your CCHG Tokens after the presale.

Note that all tokens purchased during presale are reserved in your wallet after a successful transaction. It won’t be transferred immediately to your address because of the Token Generation Event at the end of the presale.

After the event, your tokens will be ready for claim. Visit the C+Charge official site at the end of the presale and claim your CCHG tokens. Simply hit the “Claim” button and check your wallet to confirm the transaction.

C+Charge Price Prediction

CCHG has yet to be listed on several exchanges; however, there are solid predictions and forecasts based on the token’s performance.

C+Charge Price Prediction 2023

Based on the price trend during the C+Charge token presale, CCHG is expected to sit between $0.08 and $0.1 after its presale. Since the beginning of the token’s presale to its final stage, it has raised roughly $3.4 million. This shows that investors envision the price outlook of the project once it starts listing on various exchanges.

If C+Charge keeps sparking excitement and increasing user interest, the token will likely spike beyond expectations. It could reach $0.2 before the end of 2023. 

C+Charge Price Prediction 2025

With successful expansion strategies and the integration of new features, C+Charge will be attracting a broader audience. This can cause the token to perform well throughout 2024. 

If this happens, $CCHG will be boasting $0.6 by 2025. The CCHG token could hit $0.7 or more before the year runs out based on the platform’s ability to advance toward its plans and vision.

Crypto projects are highly volatile and can change from predicted price trends. Technical knowledge and adequate risk analysis are vital for profitable investments.


C+Charge is democratizing carbon credits and encourages more comprehensive adoption of electric vehicles via its incentivization scheme. The presale ends with an actual price that will increase once it lists on exchanges.

With its token utility, C+Charge has resolved transparency issues in the EV charging industry. EV drivers can earn from charging their vehicles and paying through the P2P payment system. 

Early investors will make the most of this project as the value of each token will increase in no time.

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