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Cardano’s Aiken Alpha launch will simplify smart contract creation

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Cardano’s Aiken Alpha launch will simplify smart contract creation
Cardano’s Aiken Alpha launch will simplify smart contract creation

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Cardano, one of the largest crypto/blockchain projects in the industry, has recently launched an alpha phase for its Aiken. Aiken is the open-source smart contract language and toolchain, which was introduced to simplify and enhance smart contract development within the project’s ecosystem.

Aiken’s alpha launch came just when the blockchain industry was in dire need of something new and revolutionary that would help against the problems such as difficulties in setting up smart contracts, which proved to be hard to debug. There were also additional problems, such as poor interoperability and a low level of blockchain interaction. Aiken will be able to solve all of these challenges and make smart contracts much easier to develop, interact with, debug, and more.

Up to this point, Cardano has developed a smart contract platform called Plutus. However, Plutus ended up being quite challenging to use, especially when it came to its use in other languages for the off-chain code. Teams who wanted to work on developing new smart contracts and through them, various other projects struggled to use their regular languages or tools.

What does Aiken offer?

Aiken intends to simplify matters and more intuitive, thanks to the fact that it leverages IOG research on Plutus. Its focus is on the on-chain code, while simplifying the integration into any off-chain infrastructure stack.

Not only that, but Aiken’s solution can offer additional advantages, such as the fact that it is actually very simple to learn. Smart contracts created with Aiken are meant to be strongly typed and purely functional. The new solution also comes with a number of state-of-the-art features, and it is specially optimized to improve the developer experience quite significantly. It can offer effortless integration with most other languages and tools, and it can be used for a number of specific needs that developers might have.

Cardano has built Aiken with a specific purpose, which is to include multiple domain-specific conveniences and eventually make the development of smart contracts easier and more efficient. Not only that, but it will also be significantly more helpful and quick to compile the feedback. Aiken also offers automated code formatting, as well as the language server, with editor integrations.

It doesn’t end there, however, as it is also used for testing frameworks and even benchmarking them. It has the capacity to perform numerous checks of the framework as it goes. The outputs are untyped Plutus core programs, which are interpreted by the Cardano ledger during the process of validating transactions.


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