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Calvaria has only 24% Of Tokens Left — Presale Ending Soon?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Calvaria has only 24% Of Tokens
Calvaria has only 24% Of Tokens

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Currently, in its fourth fundraising round, the token is priced at $0.025 and has already raised over $2 million. The token’s price was originally planned to rise to $0.030 during its fifth presale round, but the team at Calvaria has chosen to lower the price of RIA to $0.0325. This means that those investors who get in at this price point, have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a 225% return on their investment.

If we take into consideration that the fifth round starts (there are a total of 10 rounds in this presale) at the $2.1 million mark, this means that only 20% of tokens will be left in circulation then.

Buy Now or Miss a Lucrative Opportunity

If you’re still wondering whether it is late to invest in Calvaria, the timing is perfect to park your funds in this token which has the capability to give back at least 30-40 times your investment. 

If you invest in the presale right now at the price of $0.025, there is a very high chance that you get back 30% of your invested amount before the presale ends and RIA will be priced at $0.0325.

Keep in mind that when the fifth round of the presale is about to end, the project will have raised a total of $3,075,000. The group is presently investigating an IEO with its existing exchange partners, which would provide investors with a further price boost once trading begins. 

One hundred fifty million tokens that were set aside for the presale will now be redistributed among the various tokens used by the project.

According to a project blog post, the community will be kept abreast of the latest developments pertaining to the revised token allotment distribution on a regular basis.

Calvaria Joins Hands with Major Exchanges

Calvaria has partnered with major exchanged, KuCoin and among other well-known crypto exchanges. 

CoinGecko ranks KuCoin as the third-largest cryptocurrency spot exchange, with coming ranked right behind KuCoin.

When public trading commences, investors should anticipate a considerable price increase due to the participation of these leading trading venues. Major news publications have already kept a keen eye on this development.

Calvaria Revolutionizes P2E Gaming 

The new blockchain gaming network Calvaria: Duels of Eternity creates the apex of virtual card games by fusing the Metaverse with NFT trade cards.

The game takes place in a virtual realm inspired by the afterlife, and players may acquire NFTs that stand in for various individuals. Each of these personalities has its distinct qualities and may work both against and with the others.

Players need to construct effective decks and engage in strategic competition with other players if they want to gain prizes. 

One of the things that make Calvaria a one-of-a-kind option among other blockchain games is that it is free to play. Although there is a paid option, gamers can access the virtual world without spending any money.

More on RIA Token

The RIA token is the official currency of Calvaria. As a means of exchange, the digital asset contributes to the security of the game’s tokenomics ecosystem.

On Calvaria, RIA is mostly used to buy NFT trading cards. This asset may be traded in for RIA, which players earn for doing well in combat and can then use to purchase other items. 

Investors who want to increase their RIA holdings can stake their coins in a proof-of-stake (PoS) system. Investors in Staking RIA may also take part in the game’s decentralized autonomous organization to influence policymaking (DAO). 

In addition, the creators of Calvaria often host tournaments and community events, with RIA serving as the primary means via which players may join in.

Launching Smart Mobile App  

The fact that Duels of Eternity will soon be available on mobile devices is sure to increase the game’s popularity among individuals in the gaming community. Other elements, such as DAO governance, a marketplace for in-game purchases, and a scholarship program is something which has grabbed the attention of players as well as investors.

Final Word

This is one of the most successful presales of the year and similar to the seasonal updates and seasonal competitions that have proven so successful for games like Apex Legends and Fortnite, Calvaria plans to keep developing and making changes on a yearly basis to assure the game’s continued popularity. 

The initiative will also form its own eSports squad and stage competitions with prominent players in the scene. The addition of virtual reality (VR) features is planned at a later phase of development. 

Players will have full ownership of their cards and assets in the form of NFTs, making them freely tradable on the open market. Players may also merge two cards into a single, more powerful card through the use of card fusion.

CoinSniper has doxxed and KYC verified the Calvaria team members, and SolidProof has examined the token smart contract.

All this and more is what makes this presale so successful. Now is the best time to invest in this token before you miss a lucrative opportunity.

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