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Calvaria And KuCoin Team Up As Presale Enters Final Hours

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Calvaria And KuCoin
Calvaria And KuCoin

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Crypto gaming has been gaining momentum recently, where a bunch of games is launched every day, and Calvaria is one such name to make headlines. The project offers exciting gameplay, to be introduced once the presale for its official token gets completed. 

Calvaria and KuCoin Team Up, Polygon Powers Calvaria Multichain 

The Calvaria project recently announced its partnership with the KuCoin wallet, and this news has been garnering a lot of attention. Now that only 14% of the tokens are available to purchase in the presale, investors can connect their KuCoin wallet and purchase RIA tokens on the website. 

As the announcement from Calvaria telegram goes, “To solidify our good relationship with KuCoin even further, $RIA will be supported by KuWallet on launch, and right now KuWallet users can use it to participate in the presale!”

KuCoin is the 4th largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume, and this new collaboration will open up Calvaria to an excitingly new investor group exclusive to KuCoin. This is just among the many moves from the project recently that make it serve an increasingly larger audience. 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, apart from its brilliant gameplay, is set to make a mark in the crypto gaming ecosystem due to its high compatibility. The game will be available on desktop as well as mobile devices, opening it up to a rather unserved set of demographics when crypto gaming is under question.

The Calvaria multichain network will be handled by Polygon Layer 2 Protocol- responsible for handling all the internal transactions for Calvaria. In addition to seamless transactions, this integration will enable efficient and polished gameplay. 

For users who aren’t familiar, Polygon is a Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, offering a better and cheaper alternative to the parent blockchain. 

What Is Calvaria?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a tournament-style card game in which players use cards representing various characters, each with their own unique abilities, to defeat opponents and earn rewards and upgrades. It is similar to other battle card games like Gods Unchained and Splinterlands, but it’s unique on a few aspects such as a 3D gameplay, support for mobile devices and a story mode for players who don’t want to compete. 

The game was developed by a team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, gaming developers, and programmers with the aim of creating a space for players to earn crypto and NFTs while enjoying a story based on Mexican mythology.

Calvaria is designed to be both enjoyable and lucrative, giving players the opportunity to make money while they play. It is scheduled to launch in Q2 2023 as a free-to-play game with a play-to-earn option, appealing to both casual and crypto gamers. The free-to-play version will be released first, allowing players to try the game without the need to connect their wallets or pay gas fees or NFTs.

The RIA tokens powers the Calvaria ecosystem, and are primarily used for in-game transactions although users will be able to stake the coin to earn a passive income. Presale for these RIA tokens is currently live on the official website where users can purchase the token by connecting the Metamask or now, KuCoin wallet. 

Is Calvaria The Best Crypto Presale Right Now?

Calvaria is among the best presales right now, very close to reaching its presale target. If you’ve already invested in the RIA presale, here are a few other presales worth checking out. 


FightOut is a new platform that aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by rewarding users for their physical movement. It will track users’ progress using in-gym sensors and other high-tech methods, and gamify the process by allowing users to level up their in-app avatars as they make progress in their real-world fitness.

The platform will also feature professional athletes and offer tailor-made fitness programs, as well as in-gym activities and training regimes led by combat athletes. Users will be rewarded with REPS tokens for their progress, and can also use the FGHT token to get a discount on the platform’s subscription fee.

FGHT has a total supply of 10 billion, with 60% dedicated to the presale, 10% to liquidity, and 30% to rewards and growth. The presale is currently underway on the official website, with a 50% bonus offer for participants and a goal of raising $5 million.


IMPT is a crypto asset that aims to make carbon credits trading more transparent and inclusive. It hosts thousands of environmentally conscious brands that users can engage with and earn IMPT tokens for purchasing their products through the platform. These tokens can then be used to buy carbon credits tokenized as NFTs and put them up for sale on the IMPT marketplace. 

Alternatively, users can retire their carbon credits and gain access to NFT artworks from prominent artists. IMPT is a proof-of-stake crypto that is focused on sustainability and aims to make eco-friendly choices more accessible to consumers. 

It has raised over $20.5 million in its presale and is listed on exchanges, including LBank and Uniswap. The project has also received positive reviews from crypto rating sites and has been featured in the blog.

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