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Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity- Coingecko listing, Airdrop to Axie Infinity holders and more

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Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity
Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity

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The blockchain sector has been seeing a lot of new projects being introduced recently. While a number of these projects have been found to be cash-grab opportunities for developers or straight-up scams, a few have managed to stand out.

These few projects have managed to position themselves as trusted and high-potential endeavours, thanks to their building capability and persistence even during such market conditions. A huge number of investors looking to stock up on cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the discounted prices in the market have been looking for gems like these.

For the same reason, one of the most sought-after projects in the space currently is Battle Infinity. The project has been receiving much popularity and has been making strides in order to thrive despite the current bear market.

Developers of the project recently announced certain plans and developments in the project which have made IBAT, the platform’s native token an in-demand asset.

Battle Infinity got listed on CoinGecko

Founded in 2014, Coingecko is currently the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator. It is the go-to platform for crypto enthusiasts for finding out or learning about cryptocurrency and related concepts. The platform tracks more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies across 500+ exchanges., making it a reliable source of information in the space.

IBAT token’s recent listing on the LBank was expected to be followed by various major announcements from the team. The popularity of the project and this recent listing on a CEX led to the IBAT token being added to Coingecko.

This move may turn out to be highly beneficial for the ecosystem since the project will now be exposed to a massive chunk of the investing citizenry on the Coingecko platform. Historically, developments like a listing or major updates play a significant role in the price movements of a cryptocurrency project.

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IBAT tokens to be Airdropped to Axie Infinity holders

Battle Infinity has been constantly looking for ways to create awareness about its projects in the space. The recent listing was followed by an impactful announcement from the team.

1,800 Axie Infinity token holders are being airdropped 125 IBAT tokens each. This would come as a surprise to many since the projects may be contenders for the top spot in the same category. However, this clever move by Battle Infinity may just be another attempt at a successful marketing gimmick.

Axie Infinity is one of the top P2E game projects that has managed to retain the top spot in its category for the longest time now. It grew immensely in the recent bull market in 2021, and become a pioneering name in blockchain gaming.

While Axie Infinity is a popular name, the interest surrounding the project has died out due to its seemingly boring gameplay experience. It has also been facing massive criticism from investors since the platform’s Ronin Bridge was hacked in June. With over $650 million wiped off from the project, investors had become bearish on the future of Axie Infinity.

The airdrop from Battle Infinity is aimed to attract pre-existing Axie Infinity users, who are already involved in the blockchain gaming industry. It will also open up doors to conversations regarding the project within the Axie infinity community.

Axie Infinity’s AXS token, which took a massive correction from its all-time high back in 2021 of around $160 to the current price of $13.39, has had a considerable decrease in demand and engagement. IBAT on the other hand has been gaining much traction from its own community and others within the gaming industry.

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About Battle Infinity

Developed by a group of experienced developers from India, similar to the popular Polygon project, Battle Infinity was launched recently in 2022. It is headed by Suresh Joshi, a professional with extensive knowledge in management, marketing and blockchain.

Battle Infinity is a P2E platform that is set to host a variety of blockchain-based fantasy sports games. It shall be integrated with the metaverse, making the gameplay experience more interactive and interesting. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Battle Infinity can be considered an innovative approach to the future of blockchain gaming.

Currently listed on Lbank following a successful presale, the project is expected to be listed on various centralized exchanges in the future. At the time of writing, IBAT is trading at around $0.0049, expecting to go up in price considerably in the upcoming months.

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