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BlockFi Hires New Chief Security Officer After Hack

Cryptocurrency Lender BlockFi Now Supports Litecoin and USDC Collateralized Loans
Cryptocurrency Lender BlockFi Now Supports Litecoin and USDC Collateralized Loans

BlockFi, a platform that offers loans to cryptocurrency traders in that cryptocurrency, as well as existing as simply a trading platform, has brought on a new Chief Security Officer after it was hacked last month.

Allegedly, the hacker pulled client information from a BlockFi employee’s phone, and in the world of cryptocurrency, security and privacy is absolutely everything.

According to Forbes, Adam Healy is the new CSO, and he’ll ensure that client information is a top priority.

Speaking on the matter is Zac Prince, the CEO of BlockFi, who had said:

“Crypto is quickly maturing into the mainstream financial market and with that comes the risk of increasingly sophisticated outside threats. As BlockFi continues to grow, our focus on security is even more important now than ever. Moving past our security incident, we’re fully committed to rebuilding our approach from the ground up and we’ve brought Adam on board to lead us in solidifying and strengthening all of our security functions. He will be instrumental in moving us to fully integrated and modern security architecture and helping us reach our goal to make BlockFi an industry-leader in security practices.”

Interestingly, Healy has been around security for over 15 years. He has previously worked with Microsoft, the US Department of Defense, and even Palantir.

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