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Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Platform Spin Launches Three New Projects

Freewill, a Japanese IT firm, has launched what it calls Spin: a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that reaches the entire planet.

This technology offers “complete transparency of a project’s donation and transaction chain, from anywhere in the world,” a press release notes.

Spin considers itself to be a more unique crowdfunding platform than most of the ones out there. As of now, it supports three projects: The One Love Project which plans to assist families affected by COVID-19, a charity that supports disabled children in Ukraine, and another project that plans to help Asian elephants in Thailand.

Myroslav Basarab, a project manager at consulting firm ELEKS, said:

“The world is evolving rapidly, and not always for the better. The modern challenges we face — COVID-19, large-scale ecological destruction and ever more frequent natural disasters — have many people wondering how we can make the world a better place. The problem is getting the urgent messages out there and giving the wider population the tools to act instantaneously. Freewill and ELEKS will enable society to address the pressing issues, creatively and globally, by combining the seemingly incompatible: Eastern traditionalism and Western entrepreneurship, charity and technology. Spin will get help to those who need it, without the fear of funds being used underhandedly.”

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