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Block.One Ahead of Schedule to Launch Social Media Platform

Voice stands as the prospective social media platform by Block.One, the creator of EOS. Quite recently, it was made clear that the platform will officially launch on the 4th of July, 2020.

Going Ahead Of Schedule

According to a tweet that was sent by Slaha Zalatimo, the CEO of Voice, the social media platform will be made available for readers on the US Independence Day. However, he was quick to note that only registered users will be capable of engaging or publishing content online.

Salah explained that the original plan was to have it as a big reveal for this fall. However, he stated that they simply couldn’t wait that long, citing the need to take the social media world back from big tech companies.

Making Big Moves

The platform itself has been in a beta testing phase since the 14th of February, 2020. The CEO explained that registration will still work on a request basis until the 15th of August, 2020, when Voice users will be able to begin the process of inviting friends

Block.One stands as the company that developed the EOSIO protocol, commonly referred to as EOS. Back in June of 2019, however, the company announced that it would develop a social media platform based on blockchain. Block.One had invested $50 million in intellectual property, as well as $100 million cash into the Voice platform. Alongside this, the company purchased the domain name for an impressive $30 million, as well.

Block.One even managed to secure a patent for a bidding system based on blockchain, designed for promotional exposure tied to popular social media posts. It’s expected that this patent will be implemented within Voice itself.

Accepting Crypto, Bit By Bit

In recent times, Voice had come under fire, as well. This was due to concerns being raised in regard to privacy, as all members are mandated to verify their identity, leveraging metadata in order to prevent and detect crime, according to Voice. This comes in spite of the platform itself being powered by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Era.

It seems that the world is slowly changing to fully integrate crypto in its day-to-day life. While it can’t be said how popular this Voice will be once it becomes public, it definitely seeks to stand as a contender to the world at large. Though, there’s some issue to be had with a company in charge of creating blockchain technology, crying out that Big Tech needs to lose control of social media.

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