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BitLeex Opens Up First Trust Managed Crypto Exchange

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

BitLeex Opens Up First Trust Managed Crypto Exchange
BitLeex Opens Up First Trust Managed Crypto Exchange

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A new cryptocurrency craze is in the offing and it has been since April. Bitcoin is booming and every altcoin under the sun is riding a wave of optimism not seen in quite a while. Not least since the crypto crash of early last year.

BitLeex has now opened up the world’s first trust managed crypto exchange where investors in cryptocurrency can simply deposit their money and see their investments grow – without having any issues with regards to trusting professional traders to do their jobs.

600 registrations a day is a good sign

The newly formed crypto exchange is seeing a huge growth spurt as they have said that they are receiving 600 new registrations per day. These registrations are from over 120 different countries and the company is looking to grow as fast as possible.

The recent trend of rising crypto prices is a sure sign that many who had cleared out their crypto holdings should be coming back. It’s even more important now that BitLeex has given casual investors a method to increase their money while professional traders go about their jobs and do what they do best.

The fact that BitLeex allows both trading and trust management is what separates it from the competition. You can put in your own money and do your own trades. That is the normal way of doing things. You can also put in money and let other traders do the job for you, all the while collecting some profit from professional traders and get your own handsome yearly, monthly and even daily returns.

A spokesman for BitLeex confirmed as much in a recent press release saying that “for those who want to invest in cryptocurrency but are afraid of losing their money, we have several profitable rate plans for trust management of your funds. Our professional traders are ready to pay you daily interest on your investments.”

While this might seem too good to be true, it is how mutual funds started decades ago. Professional traders offered their services to people who had no knowledge of trading forex or stocks and offered a hefty return. Today, it is only banks that have mutual funds and trust funds that are managed in this way, but the internet has been democratizing everything from homeownership to ride sharing – is it such a difficult concept to have a crypto trust?

Crypto is the future according to BitLeex team

The team behind the BitLeex platform believes that cryptocurrencies are the future and when they look forward they see cryptocurrencies dominating the financial landscape of the world. However, they do know that people work in a specific way – so the platform is tailored to mobile phone use. Smartphones are how the vast majority of the world interacts with the internet and the fact that many systems are desktop only lowers the amount of potential participants.

Watching your investment grow, while only giving a small percentage to the traders who are working on your behalf is standard in the world of finance. It’s about to become the standard in the world of crypto as well – only with your full control and no middle man to tie things up.

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