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Bitcoin Surges Upward as Crypto for Privacy Browsers Leads the Market

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Thousands of French Tobacco Shops Join Crypto Revolution, Sell Bitcoin to Users
Thousands of French Tobacco Shops Join Crypto Revolution, Sell Bitcoin to Users

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Bitcoin climbed above the $8,000 mark, as the crypto market had a bearish view. Bitcoin rose to $8222 in the early hours of October 21 (UTC).

When placed on a daily scale, it currently trades about 3.5% higher. With this growth, it remained the same for the time and did not trigger market lows, as seen in the past.

The increase seems to be an exciting time for BTC holders if it will continue for a long time.

Many swing traders are already looking at price action on Monday. They feel this is the moment they are waiting for, as movement could go sideways at the moment.

With the bullish movement of BTC, it made a positive impact on other major coins too.

Cosmos (ATOM), Chainlink (LINK), and Bitcoin Cash (BTC) all made at least a 5% increase in their value.  Privacy browsers have a lot to smile about because most of all the crypto coins had positive growth.

BAT tops market gains

BAT made gains of 8.2%, which is the highest gain in the market. BAT is also doing well in the rise of numbers of users.

Currently, the crypto token has reached the 8 million users milestone, while about 2 million users are active on its browser daily. However, there are more than those numbers on Chrome.

The platform is growing rapidly as the company seeks new partnerships and keeps providing advert returns for its users. It also limits data for ads, which improves browsing speed for users.

But the cryptocurrency market has seen great bear pressure recently. Even with the 10% rise of sales, it did not result in losses in July, as Bitcoin’s dominance in the market rose above 70% within that period.

Altcoins has a similar story

Holders of altcoins like the Ethereum may want to cash in on the coins if its value remains the same. And those who want to buy may feel the value right now is lucrative enough.

At the moment, Ethereum is trading at 51.5%, which is lower than its yearly highs.

Although it may seem to be a big deal to buy at this rate, there are still too many risks of investing in Altcoin.

Bitcoin is still bossing the market, as it has been for years now. As long as bitcoin maintains such dominance, it will be difficult for other cryptocurrencies to catch up

Two weeks ago, BAT stormed off from its traditionally stable value after peaking during the summer.

It went down after the bullish summer move, but it is now finding its steam. It has been rising slowly and once again finding its voice in the market.

Currently, it has made an interesting gain of about 70%, an uptrend market experts believe will continue. As it stands, Bitcoin is still the boss in the market.

The market movement of the coin can largely influence the wing of other coins. Investors and market analysts are hoping the coins will have a long ride, as many indications are showing.

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