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Bitcoin Central and Eastern European Conference Slated for September

Bitcoin Europe
Bitcoin Europe

NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, a conference is slated to take place in Europe to pay homage to the crypto-currency.

Between Sept. 11 and 12, the Bitcoin Central and Eastern European Conference will be held at the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon in Slovenia. For two days, experts in Bitcoin will come together to provide their knowledge and insight into the future of the crypto-currency. Whether you already know the ins and outs of Bitcoin or you’re interested in learning more, the Bitcoin Central and Eastern European Conference has something for you.

“The Bitcoin Central and Eastern European Conference promotes and endorses Bitcoin crypto-currency in the Central and Eastern European Region as a potential for business on different levels,” the event website states. “International speakers at the conference will cover, analyze and present successful case business studies within the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

Steve Beauregard, the CEO and Founder of, will be the keynote speaker of the event. Other experts who will be attending include Jesse Heaslip of, Radoslav Albrecht of, Hans Henrik Heming of and Abdul Haseeb Awan from Bitacces Canada.

There will also be several discussions that attendees can check out while at the conference. Some of the seminars that experts will be hosting include “Mining for the Future: What Bitcoin Businesses Need to Know,” “Areas Where Bitcoin Can Foster Financial Innovation,” and “Bitcoin: To Be Regulated Or Not To Be Regulated?” The full agenda can be found on the conference’s website.

“Whether you are a Bitcoin owner, technologist, developer, entrepreneur, regulator, cryptographer, expert, venture capitalist or just an individual who is looking to step into Bitcoin community, our agenda will offer bleeding edge intelligence for everyone and anyone interested in learning more about bitcoin,” the event’s homepage states.

In recent years, Slovenia has been highly regarded in the Bitcoin world for its strong community and Bitcoin ecosystem. For this reason, it has the honor of hosting The Bitcoin Central and Eastern European Conference.

Written by Krystle Vermes

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