Bitcoin Association Reveals Bitcoin SV Developer Zone to Increase Blockchain Education

Bitcoin SV Drops after Craig Wright Failure to Prove His Ownership of Private Keys
Bitcoin SV Drops after Craig Wright Failure to Prove His Ownership of Private Keys

The Bitcoin Association, a Swiss-based organization that develops the Bitcoin SV blockchain, announced what it calls the Bitcoin SV Developer Zone, which is partnered with the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN). This Zone will ensure all of its users can learn about the Bitcoin SV blockchain and what it’s like to work on it, a press release notes.

For those unaware, the CSDN is one of China’s largest software and IT development communities, holding an Alexa rating in the top 30. It works with businesses around the world, “including world-leading enterprises including Amazon Web Services, Baidu, Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, and Tencent,” the release states.

This platform will “host a range of Chinese language educational resources for developers interested in developing for or working with the blockchain,” the release notes. “Catering to all experience levels, the Zone will publish content suitable for novices taking their first steps into learning about blockchain technology, right through to expert developers looking to diversify their skillset and even learn to become a “Bitcoin script engineer” – an anticipated new job category made possible in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.”

Most educational content will be organized exclusively by the Bitcoin Association, ensuring the lectures and presentations will be informative and useful. All presentations are to start on July 28th.

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