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BitAngels, Accelerator Frankfurt Partner to Host Virtual Blockchain Event This June

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11 Lawmakers Call on US Treasury to Consider Blockchain For Pandemic Relief

BitAngels, a “digital currency investor network to expand the blockchain investment ecosystem” in the region of Benelux, has partnered with Accelerator Frankfurt, a “leading financial innovation lab that prioritizes and supports blockchain and crypto technology,” according to a press release.

This partnership is meant to launch a virtual blockchain pitch event for this June. Five companies, NGRAVE, Valega, Coinrule, Unilogin, and Amon will present at the event.

BitAngels is a group of blockchain experts, companies, professionals, and more in the industry who emphasize creating presentations and expos for others to learn. On top of this, the group brings in venture capitalists and other high-earning investors to bring more money into the space.

Their partnership with Accelerator Frankfurt is an act to fund innovation and other new projects within the blockchain industry. “The program seeks out blockchain companies that foster adoption and enable the scalability of the blockchain industry while focusing on blockchain-native use-cases that disrupt the way we exchange value and engage with one another,” the release notes.

Speaking on the matter is Ram Shoham, the CEO and Co-Founder of Accelerator Frankfurt, who says:

“These 5 companies were carefully selected out of 800 talented applicants and we believe these companies are some of the most innovative and promising in the space.”

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