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Binance Rolls out Binance Cloud to Support Crypto Trading Platforms

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Binance CEO Says Futures Trading Platform To Be Launched Next Month
Binance CEO Says Futures Trading Platform To Be Launched Next Month

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When it comes to trading volume, Binance is unarguably the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. The exchange is trying to live up to its name by offering cloud services for its crypto trading platform.

The Binance Cloud has received enough publicity over the past few months. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of the Binance Cloud, which will aid traders, developers, and users launch their own digital assets. It will enable them to infuse Binance’s liquidity, high-grade security systems, and state-of-the-art technological expertise into their trading.

Binance Cloud will offer more efficiency

Based on the company’s announcement, Binance Cloud would be an exchange-specific cloud solution that offers customers and partners a means of easily setting up digital trading platforms in their local market. This would make the Binance portal easily accessible all over the world.

From reports, the new Binance Cloud will be based on Binance’s innovative Global Exchange network, which includes big data security systems, trading risk controls, as well as an efficient matching engine.

The new platform will provide opportunities for users to easily access highly sophisticated technological tools and interface for the efficient launch of their own trading platform in their respective local markets.

According to Binance, the Cloud platform would offer them the opportunity to built portals with features like futures trading and spot trading, as well as P2P fiat-to-crypto exchanges and API integrations.

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, stated that Binance Cloud is in line with the Binance Open Platform initiative which is geared towards enabling more global access to cryptocurrency. Binance Cloud will offer support to global partners and its customers with a total turn-key exchange platform solution. It would consolidate the new financial infrastructure to offer a more open platform that is based on blockchain technology.

Binance limiting technical challenges

Zhao reiterated that Binance is trying to provide more options for its clients while limiting technical challenges to the platform. The Cloud-based platform would allow partners to concentrate on their users to speed up the global adoption of blockchain technology.

With the user-friendly interface of Binance Cloud, it will enable the organizations to launch their own platform for the facilitation of global payment settlement, brand customization, control features, as well as trading services.

Binance Cloud incorporates diverse user-friendly features

He said the Binance team has worked really hard to build diverse features into the Binance Cloud. In the first phase, the users will have easy access to user-friendly dashboard which will enable investors to trade pairs, manage funds, and coin listings.

The Cloud platform supports depth-sharing with Binance. It also supports multiple languages, and well as offer more options to integrate with ecosystems. Also, the Cloud platform will support token launch services, on the best trading platforms, and staking services through the IEO platform. Binance said it would unveil its first digital asset exchanger on the Binance Cloud next month.

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