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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – March 1st

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After a rather unsettling performance throughout the week, the crypto market has gained back its momentum. Rising by 1.75% on Wednesday, at the time of writing. Most major tokens noted a similar price increase, with Bitcoin rising from just above $23,000 to trading at $23,751.

Amidst this marketwide uprise, there were a few tokens that managed to deliver double-digit percentage returns, and here’s a closer look at the top gainers for the day.

1. Gamium (GMM)

GMM, the native token of Gamium, recently underwent an uprise of 340% as the announcement of the company partnering with Meta Platforms and Telefonica came out. The token was trading at $0.00056 a couple of days back, while it managed to peak at $0.0045 in just under 24 hours.

Gamium Crypto

The company will work with Meta Platforms and Telefonica on the Metaverse Activation Program, which was launched to scale blockchain-based startups in the web3 industry. Meta and Telefonica will be providing support to startups along with access to the platform’s respective proprietary technologies.

Gamium is a metaverse technology company in the web3 space that aims to interconnect avatars and digital assets, making them compatible with a multi-metaverse. The avatar will be a digital identity that can be used across all web3 platforms, enabling interoperability and better usability across applications.

The project will also build a decentralized social metaverse, a virtual world that’ll enable players to build whatever they want with the help of Gamium SDK. Genesis city would be the centre of this metaverse, where users can find different buildings all with various applications such as decentralized chats, 3D calling apps, and DeFi applications.

Gamium Live Chart

GMM will be used as a token of exchange in the ecosystem, in addition to providing governance rights to all token holders. In addition to this, token holders can access other functionalities such as launching and managing cities, receiving NFTs and airdrops, and access to metaverse-specific jobs and events.

The token has been showing a sideways momentum for about 3 months now, with no significant action over the last year. Currently, GGM is trading for $0.0022 with a market capitalization of $26.59 million.

2. SpoolDAO (SPOOL)

Spool was launched on Arbitrum One recently, and this partnership led to a price increase for the native token of the platform SPOOL. This partnership will help bring tools and strategies from Spool to the Arbitrum ecosystem, which currently has over 2.4 million wallets.

Spool allows retail and institutional investors who are new to the industry to easily access a range of yield generators, thanks to its non-custodial platform. It also has a Smart Vault that allows users to customize their risk appetite, fund allocation and market exposure, simplifying the complexities associated with DeFi.

Spool Live Chart

The platform essentially serves as a combinable bridge software that helps maximize yields and minimize risk for users by communicating between yield optimisers, capital aggregators and yield generators. It tries to reduce the inefficiency in capital allocation caused by the abundance of DeFi applications.

Spool has come up with a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance throughput optimization. Their innovative solution for the Ethereum ecosystem allows users to pool resources across various DeFi strategies using a single deposit. This enables the funds in these pools to be constantly rebalanced in order to achieve optimal yield while minimizing risk.

The platform was established as a DAO-based project, which included a bunch of contributors from sections of the blockchain community. These individuals served as thought leaders for the platform and helped it find its impression by providing relevant guidance and support during the initial years.

SPOOL is the native token of the platform that is used to incentivize DAO members, as well as act as a governance token to vote on improvement proposals, incentive payments and DAO treasury management.

The token marked an increase of 28.7% on Wednesday, trading at $0.47 at the time of writing. SPOOl currently has a market cap of $11.45 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $711k.

3. Fight Out (FGHT)

fightout crypto

Building on the foundations of move-to-earn and play-to-earn, Fight Out introduces an all-new innovative platform that is here to change the fitness game. By using Fight Out’s mobile app, users will be able to achieve their fitness goals like never before, with proper guidance and a track of their progress.

First, Fight Out offers in-depth instructional videos that cover all the aspects of fitness one might need to be familiar with. These videos are created by industry experts and will be particularly beneficial for users looking to start their fitness journey by themselves.

Secondly, the platform will host a bunch of challenges, on the app as well as in physical gyms, that’ll help make fitness exciting by not sticking to mundane exercises. Fight Out has onboarded professional athletes who will be conducting most of these challenges, in addition to providing guidance to users.

The project also has the plan to start its own physical gyms, starting with 20 physical gyms across various locations, expected to meet initiation in Q4 of 2023. These gyms can be accessed with the Fight Out mobile app and will have all the high-tech equipment, enough to cover all exercises.

Every user will have a soulbound avatar in the ecosystem, that’ll track and reflect the progress made by a user. So the more you exercise the better the avatar becomes. This avatar will be represented by an NFT on the platform, and can also be seen on a virtual screen in Fight Out’s physical gyms. This way, individuals will stay constantly motivated by getting an accurate representation of the progress they’ve made, which would help them stay consistent with their fitness routines.

That isn’t it though. The best part about Fight Out is that it will reward users for the progress they’ve made, such as completing milestones and winning challenges. Rewards for the following will be paid in REPS tokens, while all transactions on the platform can be done with FIGHT tokens.

FGHT tokens are currently available for purchase in a presale, where users can purchase the tokens for 0.02565 USDT and this price will continue to increase until the end of the presale. Fight Out will have its exchange listing on April 5th, where FGHT tokens will list on CEXs for 0.0333 USDT. Naturally, the earlier you get in on the project, the better you earn.

4. C+Charge (CCHG)

The EV industry has scaled a lot over the last few years, in part, becoming quite mainstream with the increasing adoption of electric vehicles. But there are a few problems with the industry that have limited the adoption of these vehicles, and C+Charge is here to address those.


C+Charge presents a uniform solution for electric vehicle charging payment, with CCGH. CCHG is the native token of the platform that will be used to pay for charging EVs at charging stations, and users will receive carbon credits in return every time they make a transaction.

These carbon credits can be sold as NFTs or converted to CCHG tokens, effectively reducing the price of charging electric vehicles. Furthermore, the platform will also create a network of existing charging stations, as well as set up charging stations of its own.

Users will be able to find a charging station nearest to their location, and can also create a map of charging stations for a long trip. In addition to this, the platform will also offer a diagnosis of vehicles for EV owners, to help them assess the condition of their vehicles before a long commute.


All these features fill in the gaps that have been long present in the EV industry. You can become a part of the project too, by participating in its presale, currently live on the C+Charge website. Here, users will be able to purchase CCHG tokens for 0.018 USDT and this price will continue to increase until the end of the presale, where CCHG tokens will list on centralized exchanges as of March 31st.

5. Metropoly (METRO)

Real estate is one of the most difficult industries to invest in, mainly because it is super expensive to get started. Plus, it’s becoming increasingly tough for people to buy a property, as the median house price-to-income ratio has become one of the highest across the world.


Metropoly is a one-of-a-kind project, where players can invest in real estate from the comfort of their homes. The platform will feature a wide selection of properties, such as an apartment in the Burj Khalifa, which can be won under a giveaway currently live on Metropoly’s website.

Apart from benefiting from selling and purchasing properties, users can also rent their properties to generate alternate sources of income, while holding complete ownership over their properties. Plus, purchasing a property can be done in less than 10 minutes, since every property is listed as an NFT. Unlike traditional real estate purchases that take up to 90 days for completion.

Users can take a look at the kind of properties Metropoly will feature on the website, and invest in the project if they find themselves interested. Metropoly is currently hosting a presale where it has raised over $557,000 so far. Investors can start with as little as $100, and become a part of the project that makes real estate accessible.

6. RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra has come up with a highly immersive metaverse experience with its play-to-earn crypto game, RobotEra. This game takes place on a planet called Taro, which has been destroyed by an army of robots, who are now stranded on this vast land with no means of rescue. These robots are now tasked to set up an economy on the planet that could support an army of 10,000.

Crypto gainer RobotEra

Every player will be a robot in the game, who can have a robot companion to help them complete the assigned task. All robots will belong to one of the seven different fractions on the planet and will be assigned duties accordingly.

Players will be rewarded for the completion of a task, with TARO tokens, which is the native currency of the platform. In addition to this, players can experiment with a number of other ways to generate income, such as charging for rental properties or events. TARO tokens will be used for all transactions in the metaverse and can be staked to generate a passive income.

Currently, RobotEra is distributing these tokens through a presale, where TARO tokens are available for 0.020 USDT. This price will increase as the presale progresses in the next round, where they will be sold for 0.025 USDT. Hurry, if you wish to earn a maximum profit.


In this article, we went over the top gainers for the day, as well as looked at a bunch of other tokens that hold strong potential to make it big in the future. If you’re an investor looking for projects that could offer exponential returns, you must definitely check these projects out. But remember to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out

FightOut Presale - Earn Crypto for Working Out